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We have included this here to give you a feel for how depressioNet may be able to help you, and also for those who don't have depression to understand a little more about what it is that makes a difference to those people out there living with depression.

Depression is a very isolating illness, and there is no quick fix or easy remedy. The path to wellness is different for all of us and takes courage and strength. There is nothing shameful in asking for help along the way... and when you do, you will see just how many others there are in the same situation. We can help each other.

If you would like to send in your feedback
please contact us via email at team@depressioNet.com.au

So many people have benefited from the site but none more than I have for, without all the love I have received from all of you, I probably would be dead by now.

I don't post a lot of messages and I don't always reveal everything that goes on here, but suffice to say that there have been times when I didn't think I would make it through the night. I always know I have this safety net though and that has made the difference.

Today I am a stronger woman because of dNet and the love and care that exudes from it. Before I came to the site I lived mostly in an unreal world never really feeling anything but fear. Now my heart is full of love for so many and I feel fulfilled as a person in that I can really FEEL emotions - yes I can cry when it is appropriate - amazing for me.

Whatever happens you have given me the gift of life and I will never forget that gift. I come to the messageboard every day to share some of myself because it is my way of giving something back. It is something I really enjoy doing and there would be a huge hole in my heart if I could not do this.

But I think I would survive because of you and your wonderful staff and that gift to me is richer than a million diamonds, more precious than a million rubies and more precious than the finest cultured pearls.

My name is James George my mum comes to your depressionet site and I know it helps her.
I know you dont have enough money, can I help by doing some car washing or lawn mowing? I could get some of my friends to help. I could also collect money in a can.

I know I have my mum today because you helped her. I have given mum $20.00 to give to you. I've saved it from my pocket money and more is coming when I get jobs.
Thank you for helping my mum

The acknowledgment being made to this site, in my view as a Carer, is the tip of the iceberg. It is difficult to imagine where I would be in understanding this condition and how it has effected my loved-one without the efforts of the collective team. I have already "spread the word" to other sufferers, carers and community leaders.

To the team at dnet
I just want you to know that since coming across this site from the link at goodmedicine, dnet has become a major part of my support network. I have been diagnosed with a Major Depressive Illness and Generalised Anxiety Disorder including panic attacks and agoraphobia, which, in a catch 22, has made it difficult to get out of the house and find the help I need. Especially when there are so few services available for people with a mental illness, but that's another story!

The messageboards and chat rooms have been a godsend for me as I've become increasingly isolated from the rest of the community with my illness. I feel a real sense of understanding and positive support from the people who visit here and feel like I've been able to offer something of myself in return. The anonimity of it being internet based also helped me take the step to become involved, it's so much less confronting for those of us still only able to take baby steps.

Dnet has helped me from behind the scenes with information on doctors and with pointing me in the right direction for information on other issues that have concerned me. The team are so dedicated, helpful, knowledgeable and compassionate, and have helped me realise that maybe I won't have to sit on a disability pension for the rest of my life. Perhaps there is hope after all...
Warm wishes

I have just logged on to your fabulous website this evening and I am actually looking forward to tomorrow so I can endeavour to kick-start my life. Up until today I have been suffering in silence with post-natal depression, without even realising it. The information this website has provided and your great chat room has given me renewed hope that I can now begin the healing process and can really enjoy being a mum to my two beautiful daughters.

I am so glad I found this web sight as it has shown me that I am not alone. I know there are worse stories to be told than mine but none the less the feelings are the same.
Thanks for listening!!
Sad Eyes

thankyou very much for you response and for the resources you sent through. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to know there are people out there to help. Thankyou for your time and effort, and caring heart.

I'm just so very touched that people that I don't even know have taken the trouble to talk to me here. I think I'll look back on this and look at it as a humbling experience - I'm thinking of the quote "there but for the grace of God go I". Prior to this, I was a very organized and happy person with no understanding or time for people unlike me (ie, "negative" people who did not have my positive outlook on life) - perhaps now I'm learning we're all worthy of respect whatever our condition and outlook on life. thank you so much

Just saying thank you for finding out all that stuff about employment for me. It's good to know there are at least some people out there who actually do this sort of thing.

When I was first diagnosed with mental illness in the mid 60's I was locked away from the gaze of society and the stigma was dreadful. Today to my dismay people are still outcasts of society for being different. When will it ever end?

At least here we have support and a place to come to be listened to and cared about. We have friendship, love and compassion - all things that have been missing for so many years. People might think we're abnormal but what I ask you is normal anyway?

Many people with DD and CFS get mis diagnosed and mis treated because this sort of information is not redily available. this is a great site and i am glad that i found it.

I also am new to dnet and I'm glad i discovered it. My heart goes out to you and other fellow travellers who share them selves here. It helps me to keep my own major d in perspective and encourages me to open up my life which has closed down with d.
Living in hope, dek

To Leanne & Friends at dNet, Thanks for a truly wonderful & supportive site. "SUNSHINE" ;-)

Hi, I have just found this site and wanted to say what a wonderful resource it is for anyone living with D. I've had clinical depression for 18 years (now 35) and also suffer from OCD. Over time I have learnt to manage the illness (through support networks, improved medication, realising there is much more to me than D and through sheer determination and persistence). In the past few months I've had three bad relapses and was so disappointed because I felt I had come so far. I know now it was largely triggered by a minimal decrease in medication over a period of time. To all fellow sufferers it does pass (and come back, and pass again) but I believe that each time we survive an episode our inner strength grows. And hey guys we know pain so we know how to help others when noone else can reach them.

We are not our illness and the strength, courage and compassion shown on this website is a testament to this. Thanks and take care (or just hang in there). Glimmerings of hope will reappear on the horizon.

Thank u very much for your kindness and warmth. It constantly amazes me how Dnet brings out the absolute best in people. Until I became a part of this community, I was quite emotionally-reticent. Now, thanx to the influence of those around me here, I am able to freely give love, support and warmth. People like u keep me together and make me thankful for the friends I have found here. I don't come here very often anymore, but it is so wonderful to know that there is always a safe place for me to rest as I undertake this taxing journey through "D".
Thanx again,

A big thanks to the Dnet team for this place. It really helped me having the company of others to share with. I have some nice memories and a lot of laughs from here!! I've come a long way in my widowhood, it's really amazing to think I can have a confidence now that was so flattened at one time, not so very long ago. The best things in life are people!! I've met a few golden ones here!!
Hugs and blessings
Saffy from NZ

I just wanted to say how just looking around here has really helped me not feel so scared. I still don't have all that much courage to speak about my own problems but i hope to help with advice on yours until i can too say what is in my heart,
Take care everyone and i hope to be able to share what's in my heart soon

Dnet helped me alot & gave me the strength to take action. Luv L

I realised that I have come along way but it would not be for the help of others on this site. I realised how valuable this site is to all of us on our journey through depression, I think I would still be quite a few steps back if it wasn't for this wonderful cyberspace and the people that hang around and run it. I'm sure others would agree? Especially the one's who have made it to a safe place. I would like to say a very meaningful and warm thank you to everybody, no matter what happens to me now D-net is firmly entrenched in my mind for my whole life.

And for those that are starting their journey or are new here all I can say is that you will find a lot of lovely people with words that will touch you and a safe place to be yourself. I was scared of D-net for awhile there (now I realise it was just a symptom of my anxiety disorder) but I came back and made some friends for life. If this was 10 years ago we'd be sitting around eating chips and going downhill... fast all on our own with no one to care. We are lucky to have computers so that we can talk, I wish everyone out there that is lost and depressed could have one and come here to learn, heal and love.

Thank you to all that have replied to my posts in the past. Once again you have supported me. I have never known this at all in my life before. It means so much to me and I just can't express it here but please know you are all in my heart. I send you all back ten fold the support, understanding and most of all the acceptance. Thanks xxx Jakki

There are no miracles, but I belive dNet is the closest thing to it. Having real people with real situations that we all can relate to. It really does help and you may feel better relating to others and replying to their posts too.

By visiting this site, i have learnt to deal with some of my emotions- I don't get so angry with the world anymore for not understanding me. Because I can come to this little world and feel understood. I still get real depressed at times and think about ending this life or hurting myself but then I post and know that people really do care about me. They don't have to live next door, you don't need to know what they look like, just know the beautiful person they are from the heart and that is where most people speak from when they write you a post.

Be brave- don't give up because slowly emotions will balance- my anger is starting to balance and that is a start. Now I just have to work on balancing out my happiness. And yours too!! Keep talking and letting us know how you are going.
shanleigh xo

Thanks for this site and your willingness to help those of us with these problems. It is very hard to get people to realise what we go through. As my mum always said, we don't bleed, we have no visible injury therefore, there is nothing wrong with us! Ha!
Thanks again

Hi dnet-team,
I have been to my Dr. as you suggested and will be having an assessment on Friday at a Mental Health clinic, after that I will be looking for appropriate 'talk therapy'. My Dr. has recomended a couple of Psychologists I am not sure what their fees are like and I don't have private insurance. I welcome any suggestion from your super sleuth Lou regarding therapist & support groups, Thanku for welcoming me to the dnet family.
Regards Liberty

Thank you so much for all the information you sent. I will contact the women you suggested. I couldn't go to the meetings before, I am ready now to take a big step. The internet is easier for me, even though I have just got onto it, I find it so easy.
Thank you again and pleeeeese keep contacting me anytime.

From Bev

Thankyou so much for replying back, I appreciate it very much.... I have checked the information you sent me and will take it into consideration. I know that it's there and i suppose now, i have to come to terms with myself of asking for help. Anyhow, i'd like to thankyou all, for the support and help you have given me...I'll let you know how i go! Love and peace Iliad

Thank you very much for being so prompt and helpful. I have already contacted the people you suggested and think that one is just what I am looking for. I have an appointment on Monday.
I had sent my note to 11 different organisations I found on the Internet. Yours was the only response I received!.
Due to stigma this is the only place I feel safe to mentions my concerns. I believe there would be a severe impact on my career prospects if anyone at work were to find out I am concerned I may have depression. I can't risk it.

You are fantastic, thanks so much for the information you supplied on support groups, I am sure I will benefit from any one of them. Lets hope this is the beginning of my road to recovery.

Depressionet has been one of the best things that has happened to me during my illness. Although I have therapy every week and have done for many years, depressionet has done what therapy and medications haven't and that's make me feel well. Although I'm not home and hosed, I continue to work hard at becoming well and because of this site, I can see light and the end of the tunnel.Thank you.

I am a mental health nurse and was wandering around looking for information for a presentation that I am giving for the health classes at a local high school. I found most of what I needed right here. Thanks. Bobbi

Firstname : Sarah
Comment : My sister has depression and it has been somewhere she can turn for support from people who understand. I am doing a study in drama on Youth depression and visited the site because my sister recommended it. It is useful in many ways.

Firstname : Andrew
Comment : DepressioNet is the only place of its' kind in existance and is home and hope to many who have neither. Because they are alone in this crowded world. Alone and in pain. DepressioNet has given many a place to live and to want to be alive. Many who would otherwise have nothing to live for and who would choose death instead.

Firstname : Nat Comment : Im a postgrad student doing social work. The times that I have researched depression for clients or research I have found your web info very good. Keep doing the great work!
All the the best!

Firstname : Sally
Comment : This site has helped thousands of Australians who are struggling with depression and other forms of mental illness, and has literally helped save lives. There is no other site like it in Australia, and for it to be closed down due to lack of funds would be more devestating than you could imagine to so many people. To not grant this site with the money it desperately needs and do everything in your power to secure it's future would be to send the message that the government doesn't care about people with mental illness.....please show otherwise by saving dnet.

Firstname : alfred
Comment : this user motivated self help site is a major step in the right direction,note the a u addy,we want this site to stay on line,eg:as so called head of states would say,its internet the super highway,well now we need govn't funding to continue this site,& close the gap left by the a m a ...

Firstname : Chris
Comment : Dear Elected Representative,

I wish to draw your attention to depressioNet, a unique online service for Australians with depression.

It's an entirely unfunded and free site which provides support and information to thousands of Australians who suffer from depression, but its continued operation is under acute threat due to lack of funds. I became aware of this site as a person who suffers chronic and severe depression, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it has saved my life on more than one occasion when I've been suicidal. Particularly for people like me who live outside the major metropolitan areas, the service is a godsend... the message boards and chat rooms provide peer support 24 hours a day. Thus far, the site has been created and run on an almost entirely voluntary basis by people who have depression themselves, but it's now reached the scale that they can't support the running costs for the site unless some kind of sponsorship is found. I would feel positively if you were to make a positive statement with respect to dNet, and who knows - such a statement may even help to secure funding for such a worthwhile service. If you're interested, please check out the site at http://www.depressionet.com.au/ .

I'm an academic who both has depression and who has worked online for some years now, and DepressioNet is far and away the best site I've found on the Internet dealing specifically with depression. The fact that it's Australian would only make it more of a tragedy if it folds due to lack of financial support.

Thanks for reading this... as an Australian I would be very grateful for your response.


Chris Morgan


Firstname : Lisa
Comment : I found D-net earlier this year when I started another of many down hill spirals into depression which I have suffered with on and off over 20 years.

It was just what I needed to get me back on track I only needed D-net for a month or so to give me some support and remind myself that I am not alone and that there are many people who suffer alone. It is a valuable resource that I know will help if the need should arise again. Not everyone can afford counselling or have the ability to go to a local depression group. Sometimes depression is so isolating the only way some people can get any help is via the internet. This is a brilliant Australian based resource for the many people who can access it. Sincere thanks to all those involved in providing D-net so that I and others like me no longer need to be all alone.

Firstname : Ruth
Comment : Congratulations on a fantastic site. The work you do is inspirational! All the best.

Firstname : Francene
Comment : I use this site daily because the professionals I need are not available - booked out weeks ahead. Please supprot this site. In supporting dNet you are also supporting the thousands of Australians who need help in coping with day to day trauma and obstacles due to mental illness.

Firstname : Alex
Comment : So much is directed towards youth. I have found predious little for older people, and it is particularly important for me to be able to access information and support anonymously. I am disappointed that neither the government or the opposition are supporting this. Time to lift your heads out of the dark ages too perhaps and recognise that an incredibly valuable initiative is right under your noses. If you don't care enough to support it, then you may consider supporting it for the opportunity it presents to reduce costs to both the community and government.

Firstname : Amanda
Comment : I would not be alive today if it wasn't for the support I get 24 hours a day from Dnet!

Firstname : Kerry
Comment : Dnet is such a safe place for ones to come to and open up. The stigma of having to "face" others, just isn't there as it's anonymous. The people there really helped fill some gaps in my life when I was at my lowest.

Firstname : David
Comment : Depressionet is a very helpful online resource... it's helped me to see that I'm not the only depression sufferer in the world. Please help save it!!

Firstname : David
Comment : Depressionet is a very helpful online resource... it's helped me to see that I'm not the only depression sufferer in the world. Please help save it!!

Firstname : Terina
Comment : Dnet has saved my life. Without it, I wouldn't be here today, so please help us save such a valuable resource!

Firstname : Fiona
Comment : Please, please. We're not asking for much... this service provided by the great folks at Dnet is a lifeline for so many of us out here in regional and metropolitan Australia alike, who are struggling with an illness which threatens to overwhelm us. This is a condition which knows no social boundaries, no class divides, and which does not distinguish between members of parliament and their consituents. What we ask is such a paltry sum, compared to what is spent on government initiatives whose success is much less than that of Dnet. We need your help. Please. Please. Help us. You never know who of YOUR number could one day be in need...

Firstname : Pix
Comment : I am 52 and suffer from OCD, PTSD, anger, anxiety, attitude agression, panic attacks, social phobia, without dnet, I would have suicided, months ago...... I can now talk about my childhood PTSD and regularly see my psychiatrist thanks to dnet and the support and love offered here by people with similar complaints.. compassion and understanding by our "own" .... nothing else came close !! I still have too much to live for and if this site was to fold, I honestly think I would too again :(



Firstname : Yvonne
Comment : this site has helped my daughter immensley. whatever they are doing, they're doing it right

Firstname : Richard
Comment : Dnet has provided support for me for over six months now and helps me with the day to day difficulties of living with a depressive illness.I can honestly say that I would not be here today if it was not for the help of all those associated with dnet.

Firstname : Cynthia
Comment : Depression is a serious health problem in Australia. More needs to be done to help people with depression. $30, 000 is not much to pay for such a good cause.

Firstname : Claire
Comment : dNet is a lifesaving resource for people living with mental illnesses. It is as important as Lifeline and Childrens Helpline

Firstname : Ann
Comment : Dnet has saved my life on several occassions. I am a 51year old Bi-Polar sufferer and it is a great help to get information and speak to other sufferers

Firstname : Zayne
Comment : Depression is so prolific in society, to have a resource like depressioNet is a Godsend!

Firstname : Tonya
Comment : The people that work at depressioNet have given more to society than anything ever before and need the support of all Australians

Firstname : Richard
Comment : dnet has helped my girlfriend in ways i cannot.

their help is greatly appreciated.

Firstname : Angela
Comment : A desperately needed site!

Firstname : Jennifer
Comment : Honestly, this service is one of the most important , primary 'first stops' for saving the lives of people with depression and i personally would not be here without it today. Of equal importance is the support and information to be accessed from this site...the absolute best in Australia i have ever come across. It's unique format allows sufferers of depression the interaction they NEED to change lives and SAVE LIVES...and ultimately, change the way people and the community views and deals with depression. I am here today not because of beyond blue - though they are essential - but because of Depressionnet. Thank You.

Firstname : Steve
Comment : I can't think of a more deserving cause. This site literally saves lives. It cannot be ignored.

Firstname : Josephine
Comment : I believe it is extremely important to keep these kinds of supportive sites and activities alive. It is only through recognition and discussion that things such as mental illnesses will become understood and more widely accepted and assisted.

Firstname : Mogsy
Comment : this is a service that depressed people need to help them through these very difficult times and despair. i have only been using this site for a few months but it is a lifeline to me and many others. it is unique and it is essential, please please help thousands of others like me you won't be sorry!

Firstname : Daryl
Comment : Depressionet doesnt just help people with depression.People with all different types of mental illnesses utilise depressionet.It is valuable community resource.For the sake of everyone with a mental illness please help save depressionet.

Firstname : Alan
Comment : great concept dealing with a devastating disease - must survive!

Firstname : Rosalyn
Comment : In the four months I have been visiting depressioNet, I have gained much needed advice, understanding and compassion from both the Message Boards and my close friends in the chatrooms. It is such a great feeling to know that you are not alone in your struggles with this disease.

Please assist us!!

Firstname : nick
Comment : dnet was the one resource that was able to save my life when I was suicidal, and being 24/7 it is always there, nothing else matches it. i'm still here, thanks to dnet.

Firstname : Kerry
Comment : for god sake please help...i am only one name here but I represent alot of people in my town... we have one of the highest suicide rates in WA... I only found Dnet just over a week ago and by printing out some of the articles and showing them around to family and friends who also suffer from either depression or other things, you would not believe the diffrence they it has made......please please please help save Dnet.

Firstname : Sharon
Comment : This is a wonderful service, given by people who have a passion for supporting what is not highly regarded in our culture. Keep it working people!!

Firstname : John
Comment : A friend of mine has depression and this site has been a meaningful source of ongoing suppoort for her. As an individual who lost their mother to depression I don't want to lose another good friend. Please keep this site going.

Firstname : Luke
Comment : I was searching for information for a friend who I felt was not getting sufficient help for depression and who would not speak. I found depressioNet and discovered from the informtion there that I too have a mild form of depression. I have searched long and hard and not found a resource and service of the quality and depth of depressioNet anywhere. I will be disgusted if the government does not provide far more financial support than is being asked for. It is criminal that this service has been operating for a year with no help from the government representing the people it helps.

Firstname : Chloe
Comment : When I found dNet last Friday I cried for the first time in my life. I read the stories and poems and just cried and cried but it felt so good. I thought I was a freak but there are other ppl the same as me. and when I went into the chat and just listened I could actually laugh!!!! God don't take this place away from me now!!! I am only 16 and so don't vote yet but I will one day and I want a government that cares about all the people and that spends money wisely. dNet is a smart buy!!! Help it please.

Firstname : rob
Comment : dNet has and is continuing to turn around lives. it provides nurture and support to people experiencing significant distress and, perhaps more importantly, providing distressed people with an opportunity to provide nurture as only they can to fellow strugglers. please support dNet

Firstname : Molly
Comment : This is the only place I really have to go to with my concerns & problems...the people at dNet and the dNet team have showed me compassion & caring which i didn't know existed..which has kept me from doing many stupid things to do with my health & safety..please help save them...they saved me

From Molly (18 years)

Firstname : Damian
Comment : My partners illness has nearly taken apart our relationship, this site has helped BOTH of us

Firstname : Maria
Comment : Depressionet is a place where I can let my hair down and talk with people that understand depression. It's like going home for me... It has literally saved my life over and over again. I have made friends who support and understand the difficulties of depression, and i'm not afraid to show how I feel. PLEASE help to keep this wonderful site alive, especially when one person has worked hard and spent all her savings for depressionet, and has brought much courage and help to all of us. Depression is real, we are real, and i know that if I hadn't found this site I may not be around anymore.

Thankyou for your time in reading this comment.

Many regards,


Firstname : Camille
Comment : I fully support the work done by depressionNet and have seen what people go through to control their depression and they need all the support they can get.

Firstname : Giacinta
Comment : This site has saved my life many times and without it, I just don't know how I'll manage. Please help have D-Net

Firstname : Deborah
Comment : Is a vital link to help and needs to be ongoing. It provides much information and takes the isolation away.

Firstname : Juleigh
Comment : Without the services of Dnet I would not of been able to recover from my depression as well as I have over the past year. I found Dnet in September 2000 and have used the site daily. The great thing about Dnet is it is a one stop shop for people suffering depression. You can look information on medications, treatments, help in your area as well as being able to talk online and post messages to other suffers which makes you feel less alone and isolated.

This is a service which should be able to grow as so many australians suffer from degrees of depression.

Leanne is a saint for taking the risk in developing this service but one I am so grateful she did. Please don't underestimate the role depressionet plays in the recovery process of those with depression

Please please please help


Firstname : Mark
Comment : This site has helped me overcome depression and I doubt that I would be here without it.

Firstname : Madeleine
Comment : Youth suicide is a big issue at the moment: everyones saying how how high suicide rates are, well here's a chance to do something about it! This site has saved my life, I'm sure of it.

Firstname : David
Comment : Depression is a very scary and isolating experience. I wish something like DNet had been around when I was young and totally ignorant of what was going on with my depression. It would be totally irresponsible to let DNet go under.

Firstname : Glen
Comment : this place helped me and it helps people of all walks of life to close it would be a mistake

Firstname : Alicia
Comment : DNet saved my life on more than one occasion. Because of social phobias associated with depression - I couldn't pick up the phone to talk to someone so lifelines were useless for me. Being online gave me the annonymity that I needed - and I met people straight away who knew what I was dealing with and were able to hold their hands out for me.

Please ensure that others are able to hold the hand that I will extend.

Firstname : Jennifer
Comment : Dnet saved my life, what more can I say. When I had no-one to turn to, the kind people of dnet were there. Without their support I don't know where I'd be would be today, but certainly not on the road to recovery as I am today!

Firstname : Sophia
Comment : I have found this to be an invaluable source of information and more importantly support.

Firstname : jane
Comment : This is a fantastic site for people to find refuge with others who will understand and relate to their depression without being judged.

Firstname : lola
Comment : i think this is a really worthwhile site, i know a lot of people who use this site and gain a lot of help.

Firstname : Shirley
Comment : I heard about this site on the Today show. Have been using this amazing place since then on a daily basis as it has a very personal feel to it, is very efficiently organised and is obviously of immense benefit to its many users. It is unique in its understanding and has the concerns of the individuals afflicted as the guiding force. Generalised and specialised information is available in a very easily accessed format. Keep up the terrific work and the best of luck with the funding.

Firstname : Tammy
Comment : I have been a regular to depressionet now for over a year. I was really depressed and nearly suicidal, but have had so much help from in depressionet..Without this site, there would of been a lot of lives taken through suicide, but everyone here is really supportive and are always available on hand 24 hours a day..

Firstname : Lisa
Comment : DepressioNet has helped me more than I can put into words. It is there 24 hours a day if I need someone to talk to, people who won't judge but provide support because they understand where I'm at. Without dNet's support I don't know if I would be here today.

Firstname : John
Comment : Husband of Depression sufferer. This site has been a great help for my wife and has also helped me to know what to do and what not to do!

Firstname : Trish
Comment : I found this site to be the only one I can come to for advice and support.

In my darkest hours, people from depressionet have been helped me through.

No other site has this....

Firstname : Chris
Comment : This site need saving...it has been of great help to me over the past few months. There is an open community there that is of untold help to many people who don't know where to turn.

Firstname : Craig
Comment : dNet is an invaluable resource for those people with depression. Not only does the site provide a wealth of information and extremly useful resources, the chat room and messageboard, in particular, are exactly the type of service required for those who have this health condition. I urge you to provide the small financial contribution required to keep this resource online.

Firstname : Mara
Comment : As a mental health service provider and consumer, I feel that deppressioNet, is an extraordinarily effective support for people with depression and associated problems, and their carers.

Having worked in the field for 20 years, I have never encountered such an effective and inexpensive support program with such positive consumer outcomes.

Firstname : Ashley
Comment : I have only just found depressionet and as a sufferer of major depression and anxiety disorders for 12 years I can say that it is the most helpful site I've found so far.

Firstname : Barbara
Comment : Dear Sir or Madame,

I heard about this site from an online friend whose daughter has suffered from depression. It has helped me more than I can say. Thank you.

Firstname : jessica
Comment : please can u get a counsellor on line 24/7...it would be good...

Firstname : Virginia
Comment : This is too important to ignore. As the mother of a clinically depressed teenager, it is essential to support all that can be done for anyone with depression. Depressed children and teenagers grow up to be depressed adults. We can watch the news any time to see what depression ends up doing to not only the depressed, but their families, and communities.

Firstname : "Doc"
Comment : This a unique and successful essential service that deserves funding. It is as essential to us as the Fire Brigade, the Ambulance Service etc is to others in the Australian Community.

Firstname : freda
Comment : Don't let this site fold! It saved my sanity more than once, and without the support of the wonderful people here, I might not be where I am today. I tried the other sites, but this is the only one that trully understands what it is to live with depression.

Firstname : Jeff
Comment : This place helped me out of a deep dark place. Is there anything more that needs to be said?

Firstname : Dianne
Comment : depressioNet is the most comprehensive source of information and help I've seen on the internet (and that includes the fairly useless "Beyond Blue" site).

Firstname : Katy
Comment : My mother has Bi-Polar and has had great support from dnet. It would be a great shame if it were to close.

Firstname : deborah
Comment : For too long Depression /the silent epidemic hasn't been spoken about but this site enables people to reach out to others in their time of need and in turn you are able to assist others.

This site is a life saver literally and as we know depression untreated leads to suicide ....because there is a team member on call 24 hrs a day if someone is in need there is always someone to turn to.

Therefore it is also a safe site ,closely monitored and everyone is always welcomed and listened to ....and isn't that what we all want ...not to be told but to be listened to and validated as a worthwhile human being.

Firstname : Lisa
Comment : Finally I have found some friends and support,from people who truly understand me!

Firstname : Marion
Comment : I needed help and information for a young friend who was suffering and found this wonderful site.

Firstname : Kate
Comment : What you guys do is fantasic. You deserve all the money you can get to stay online and keep helping thousands of needy people.

Firstname : sarah
Comment : my mum uses this site and she asked me to have alook at it too so i know what she is talking about. i reckon i know more about her sickness now too... and it is easy to read and not boring

Firstname : John
Comment : Thanks for this website as it has helped me a lot in recent months. In fact, it's the only place I've been able to get some real help. Keep up the good work!

Firstname : Jean
Comment : My grandson took his own life a year ago next month, I wish he had known about depressionnet. i will fight now in whatever way i can to help people who have this awful illness. Please show that you care about these young people, they seem to feel like they have no hope and we need to do something now to stop any more senseless death!

Firstname : Nahan
Comment : Being forced by practical circumstances to prioritise does not automatically render one either racist or uncharitable. It simply means, 'Australians in the Present', first. So please, less emotional/practical and physical expenditure on importing external problems, and more expenditure on caring for the communities presently suffering within the Australian nation.

Firstname : Donne
Comment : One of the most important sites in Australia for sufferers of mental illness

Firstname : Keshet
Comment : My Mum has bi polar disorder and she says your site is important!!

Firstname : Michael
Comment : This site is very important to a lot of people, including some friends of mine. I came to have a look to see what they were talking about and now I feel that I understand much better what they are going through. Thanks!

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