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Listed below are items from Australian newspapers, media releases and articles. All items are reproduced within depressioNet.com.au to make it easier for you.   All copyrighted items are reproduced by permission.

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National Program Announced For Children Of Parents Affected By A Mental Illness
(Media Release 28/05/2001)
"Children of parents affected by mental illness are a group in our community with important needs", said Dr Michael Wooldridge, the Federal Health Minister.

Help at hand to beat depression
(Sydney Morning Herald 14/05/2001)
On Mother's Day five years ago new mum Mary Jack of Warilla was at the point of despair.

Food for life: the ethics of making anorexic women eat
(Sydney Morning Herald 12/05/2001)
Should a woman with anorexia be allowed to starve herself to death if she wants to?

Priority for mental care unit
(Newcastle Herald 24/04/2001)
A NEW specialist child and adolescent mental health unit at John Hunter Hospital would be expedited, NSW Health Minister Craig Knowles said yesterday.

Youth mental health woes rise
(Illawarra Mercury 17/04/2001)
A child mental health expert has questioned the nation's commitment to combating emotional and behavioural problems in the young.

Call to reform shock treatment
(The Age 09/04/2001)
All Victorian patients should have the right to appeal against decisions to give them electric shock therapy, a study recommends.

Drug link to psychosis
(The Age 04/04/2001)
More than 40 per cent of young people who suffered a severe mental disturbance used cannabis weekly, a study has found.

Drugs used routinely for children's depression
(Sydney Morning Herald 26/03/2001)
Anti-depressant drugs are now a routine part of the treatment of depression in adolescents and some younger children, despite a lack of long-term evidence of their safety in these groups, doctors say.

Depression can quadruple risk of fatal heart attack, doctors warned
(Sydney Morning Herald 26/03/2001)
A finding that depressed people are up to four times more likely to suffer a fatal heart attack has prompted warnings that doctors will have to take depression as seriously as smoking and high cholesterol in cardiac patients.

Prevention is better than cure
(Illawarra Mercury 16/03/2001)
Late last year the board of the Australian Health Management Group voted to invest more money into programs designed to keep members healthy.

Depression and exercise
(Quantum - ABC 15/03/2001)
Quantum is a weekly half hour science program produced by the ABC's TV Science Unit. It's been on-air since 1985, in the popular 8.30pm time-slot.

How to treat the sadness epidemic
(The Age 14/03/2001)
`MY HEART aches, and a drowsy numbness pains my sense," wrote John Keats. The briefest reading of the writers of the past will show many were suffering from depression. Then, if it had a name at all, it was probably referred to as melancholia, and if it was treated at all it was probably by recourse to opium, or alcohol. Is the alarmingly high incidence of depression today partly a matter of diagnosis? This is only part of the mystery of the condition that afflicts at least 800,000 Australians. Is it a disease, like diabetes, or a normal part of the human condition? Is it caused by our genes or our environment or, as is increasingly believed, a combination of both?

To triumph over demons you need resolve, time and courage
(The Age 13/03/2001)
Jon Kroschel's journey to the bottom of the depression spiral is etched in his face. You read it in the crevices beneath his pale eyes then you hear it in words so raw they rip your flesh.

Drugging away the pain of youth
(The Age 12/03/2001)
It was only when it was up on the screen that the bureaucrats gathered in the Parliament House office really got the message. There, in an image of an eight-year-old's brain, was proof that abuse and neglect in early years produces lifelong damage.

In community care, safe enough is good enough
(The Age 11/03/2001)
Behind a raised counter deep inside the Alfred Hospital, Bernard Mondon, a 30-year-old social worker, listens as a homeless man explains that he can't go on. "I don't want to live," the man says. He is in his fifties, well-spoken, and dishevelled. A passer-by found him in a gutter after a stint of binge-drinking. The scratches were easy to fix, but the emergency staff could not patch together the life he wants to throw away.

Tangled up in blue
(The Age 10/03/2001)
In a cubicle-sized flat, beneath the shadow of a Richmond Housing Commision high rise, a woman who once had it all is wondering how her life went bellyup. How do you lose a partner, job, family, home and hope? She gazes about the cramped space a mattress and banana carton of books on the floor, a tray with coffee and sugar by the table. It is so much less than she expected. Her eyes skate over family snaps on the wall. Like the buzz from Bridge Road, they are reminders of life before the fall. Monica Elkins sighs. She is 56, and there are days when all she wants to do is die.

Rural health woes revealed
(The Age 06/03/2001)
Country doctors see more patients with depression, skin cancer and obesity than their city colleagues, according to a survey of doctors' work patterns.

Gloom in the bush: GPs report rising depression
(Sydney Morning Herald 06/03/2001)
Rural people are much more likely to be treated for depression than city-dwellers, a development that has been linked to perceived economic decline in the country.

(Sydney Morning Herald 03/03/2001)
Jeff Kennett's `beyondblue' depression project is making headway in tackling an illness which afflicts 800,000 Australians each year. IF the concept of Jeff Kennett coaxing the nation to fight depression seemed a little odd, it nonetheless moved closer to reality this week.

Governor's grand vision for society
(Illawarra Mercury 02/03/2001)
Professor Marie Bashir has a grand vision for NSW.

In lunacy's dark shadow
(Sydney Morning Herald 02/03/2001)
When the manic and depressed J.F. Archibald started writing large cheques for poets, his editorial partner at The Bulletin managed to have him committed. That was in 1906 and followed in the wake of Sydney identities, such as Henry Lawson and Adam Lindsay Gordon, who had spent time in NSW asylums. Indeed Archibald, famed for his Hyde Park fountain and his portrait prize, suffered a long stint in Callan Park. By 1910 he was back on track, then set up Smith's Weekly. The thriving publication later successfully campaigned for Bee Miles's release from Gladesville Hospital. She had been committed for terrorising staff at the State Library and a run of petty crimes and outrageous public behaviour.

Man overboard
(Sydney Morning Herald 01/03/2001)
The Australian public was recently given a strong serve about the pressures that can fall on men. But it was the destructive effects of those pressures that pushed the issue onto the front pages of the nation's media.

Stressed out? Work out
(Sydney Morning Herald 01/03/2001)
Depression, anxiety and stress are words we hear all too often. Turn on the radio or television or read a newspaper or magazine and there are stories that blame one or all of these related conditions for plummeting productivity in the workplace, youth suicide, divorce rates, unhappy preschoolers and a plethora of related diseases and health risks.

Kennett's take on fighting the blues
(The Age 01/03/2001)
Too many Australian doctors were failing to recognise depression in their patients, former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett said yesterday.

Hope for heart patients
(The Age 26/02/2001)
Melbourne researchers hope to use the human hormones oestrogen and progesterone to improve the survival rate of heart attack patients.

Psychiatrist wary of Zyban health risk
(Illawarra Mercury 24/02/2001)
The anti-smoking pill Zyban could pose a serious risk for people being treated for depression and other mental illness, a prominent Wollongong psychiatrist warned yesterday.

Symptoms of bulimia nervosa
(Illawarra Mercury 23/02/2001)
A victim does not need to appear underweight to suffer any of these signs and symptoms. Many men and women with eating disorders appear not to be underweight. That does not mean they suffer less or are in any less danger.

Professor's work sheds light in darkest worlds
(The Age 05/02/2001)
Professor Patrick McGorry is one of the world's leading specialists on schizophrenia in the young. The clinic he set up in Melbourne to identify and help young people at risk of schizophrenia and other psychotic illness has become a model for treatment in North America and Europe.

Julie odds-on to break addiction
(Illawarra Mercury 01/02/2001)
Those thoughts would send her into a downward spiral of depression - hardly the mindset she needs if she is to keep on the straight and narrow.

Community grants will help people use medicines safely
(taken from: The Department of Health and Aged Care website. 14/02/2001)
The Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Aged Care, Senator Grant Tampling, today announced the awarding of 171 community grants that will assist community groups educate people on the quality of medicines.

To view the full media release, click on the following link: http://www.health.gov.au/mediarel/yr2001/gt/gt01001.htm

To view the quality use of medicines web site, click on the following link:

Prozac nation: just what the doctor ordered
(Sydney Morning Herald 31/01/2001)
The use of anti-depressant drugs is at an all-time high as general practitioners write more than 500 scripts a year for every 1,000 Australians aged over 15.

Wooldridge Welcomes Women's Health Picture
(Media Release 23/01/2001)
Health Minister Dr Michael Wooldridge today welcomed the Australian Women's Weekly Voice of Australian Women survey and said some of the biggest issues raised would move up the priority list of Coalition Government policy.

With God on our side...
(The Age 23/12/2000)
AN OLD MAN I know is in a powerful state of despair. He is special to me...... 'A beauitful story'.

Warning: Work ethic is a health hazard
(The Age 11/12/2000)
Too much work is not only outdated, it's downright pathological, says author and inveterate bomb thrower Sharon Beder.

Helping to give a child hope
(The Sunday Age 03/12/2000)
"Karen", a young Melbourne mother, felt caught in a nightmare when her 10-month-old son changed dramatically into "a very sad little boy" who hated the world.

Treatment is vital to avert life problems
(The Sunday Age 03/12/2000)
Melbourne psychoanalysts have found a disturbing trend towards depression among infants.

Many children in poor mental health
(The Age 30/11/2000)
More than 520,000 Australian children, or 14.1 per cent of children aged four to 17, have a mental health problem such as attention deficit disorder, depression or anxiety, according to a national study.

An Important Direction For Mental Health Promotion, Prevention And Early Intervention
(Media Release 29/11/2000)
Federal Health Minister, Dr Michael Wooldridge, today launched a strategic framework to reduce the incidence of mental health problems and take Australia to the forefront of the mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention field.

Minister Releases Youth Mental Health Report
(Media Release 29/11/2000)
Federal Health Minister Dr Michael Wooldridge today released the first reliable national survey on the prevalence of mental illness in children and adolescents.

Minister Applauds Mental Health Reforms
(Media Release 28/11/2000)
Federal Health Minister Michael Wooldridge today praised the efforts of the mental health sector for recent reforms that have resulted in restructuring and improvements in community mental health services.

Launch of 'Keep Yourself Alive' - DVD Learning Package
(Media Release 28/11/2000)
I am delighted to launch this "Keep Yourself Alive" DVD Learning Package aimed at preventing youth suicide.

Trials of the teen years
(The Age 27/11/2000)
A study following thousands of Australians from infancy to adulthood has released data drawn from the group's teenage years on issues including depression, drug use and parental conflict.

Thirty Years on, vets come crashing down
(The Sunday Age 12/11/2000)
Thousands of Vietnam veterans have fallen victim to a condition they have dubbed the ``30-year syndrome" - a range of psychological and physical illnesses still hitting them three decades after the war ended.

Depression Scheme Looks To Doctors
(The Age 24/10/2000)
Doctors faced serious financial disincentives in treating mental illness, which presented the fledgling National Depression Initiative with a key challenge, its chief executive officer said yesterday.

Painting Mends The Jigsaw of a Bipolar Life
(The Age 24/10/2000)
This is the painting that kept Simon O'Dwyer alive, a huge canvas that he walked on and cried on and slept on. It became the reason he got up in the morning, to paint layer after layer of what he came to realise was a changing portrait of his life.

Launch of 'Beyond Blue' - National Depression Initiative
(Media Release 23/10/2000)
Today I am delighted to announce the name that will take the National Depression Initiative forward as a flagship program that will increase community understanding of depressive illness and make practical improvements to the lives of those with depression, their families and friends.

Beyond Blue: Turning ideas into actions
(Media Release 23/10/2000)
Federal Health Minister Michael Wooldridge today announced that the National Depression Initiative had become a legal company called Beyond Blue.

(The Age 19/10/2000)
His lifetime in journalism was marked by a respect for words and their meaning. He helped to raise the quality and standards of The Age.

Hormone Help For Depressed
(Herald Sun 18/10/2000)
Tens of thousands of Australian women were taking antidepressant drugs unnecessarily because of low testosterone levels, according to a women's health expert.

Minister Launches Rural Health Website and Newsletter For Regional Australia
(Media Release 18/10/2000)
...internet site and newsletter - to provide country Australians with up to date and relevant information about Government rural health initiatives.

The 'youth suicide' myth
(The Age 17/10/2000)
THE tragic suicide of federal MP Greg Wilton earlier this year personified a sad reality that society is failing to grasp.

A tale of torment by 'toxic management'
(The Age 17/10/2000)
...Menchie said: "Harassment should not be happening at work. I have experienced problems myself, and so have my fellow workers, of threats, intimidation and harassment."

Restraint order plan for bullies
(The Age 17/10/2000)
...The behavior was defined as psychological terrorisation, or the repeated oppression of a less powerful person by a more powerful person or people.

Swimming out of the blue depths
(The Age 15/10/2000)
If you tell anyone about ECT, you notice how they recoil. And you know they are thinking about One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

If we're so lucky, why are we so angry?
(The Age 13/10/2000)
Many people have difficulty coping with the idea that Australia is suffering from an epidemic of depression...

Mental Health in need of public awareness
(Illawarra Mercury 12/10/2000)
Mental Health does not get enough attention despite the prevalence of mental health problems in the community...

Bullying Bosses 'Causing Stress'
(The Age 11/10/2000)
Bullying bosses are emerging as a major cause of workplace stress...

School's Mind Games Hit Head Hassler On The Noggin
(The Age 11/10/2000)
...children are being vaccinated against depression and other mental illnesses.

Not just the baby blues
(Newcastle Herald 10/10/2000)
One area of mental health that perhaps needs more awareness from us all is postnatal depression...

$22m Help Teams For Sufferers
(The Age 10/10/2000)
New mental Health teams will be formed across Victoria....to treat problems such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

On the road to recovery
(Illawarra Mercury 10/10/2000)
An abduction and sexual assualt at eight years of age was the trigger for a lifetime of depression for Caroline*....

More Depressing Than Mental Illness
(The Age 09/10/2000)
It was reported last week that one in five sufferers of manic depression commit suicide...

A Working Solution For Mental Health
(Media Release 09/10/2000)
Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, Michael Wooldridge, today reinforced the Commonwealth Government's commitment to removing the stigma of mental illness in the workplace with the launch of World Mental Health Day.

Influences - Moya Costello
(The Sunday Age 08/10/2000)
Book review. Depressed a couple of years ago....

A Happy State Is A Healthy State
(The Age 07/10/2000)
...Health was about"being confident, able to cope with the ups and downs of life..."

Minister declares "Living is for Everyone"
(Media Release, 06/10/2000)
... details of a new framework for guiding community activities to help reduce the high incidence of suicide and self-harming behaviours in our community.

Kinesiology finds answers to illness
(Illawarra Mercury, 03/10/2000)
A young mother who searched for a cure for panic attacks for 13 years has made a career of helping other people on a similar search....

Working To Help The Mentally Ill
(The Age, 03/10/2000)
Some people complain about having to work. But for Sylvia Rowland,....working is a privilege hard won

Hospital Find May Help On Bipolar Disorder
(The Age, 02/10/2000)
Researchers at Melbourne's Mental Health Research Institute,... have found a structural abnormality unique to bipolar disorder.

Male Menopause
(The Melbourne Weekly Magazine, 07/10/2000)
At mid-life crisis time, it's the 'pause' that depresses.

Up close and very personal
(The Age, 28/09/2000)
For as long as she can remember, Lorraine Shand has swallowed her sadness....

Head Space Mission
(Newcastle Herald, 28/09/2000)
Mental illness is something most people don't want to talk about...

Between two worlds
(The Age, 18/09/2000)
ODYSSEY House lies between two worlds, between two opposites. It is a full-hearted place....

Study Hails Herb For Blue Moods
(The Age, 09/09/2000)
St John's wort has been described by its promoters as "herbal Prozac" but does it work or is it just another case of unsubstantiated hype?

The Midlife Crisis? It's a Bloke Thing
(The Age, 08/09/2000)
The male midlife crisis is indeed male, according to research that has found women turning 40 are more confident and fulfilled than men the same age.

Booklet Offers Help With Death Issues
(Illawarra Mercury, 06/09/2000)
The topic most of us are afraid to talk about is finally rasing it's head in public places.

The Knowledge - Todays Fathers
(The Age, 01/09/2000)
Some interesting facts and stats on fathers and depression.   Fathers can suffer from post-natal depression...

Drugs, Alcohol Tied to Anxiety
(Illawarra Mercury, 30/08/2000)
Drug or alcohol abuse goes hand in hand with depression for thousands of Australians, a survey shows.

Sick of Being Tired?
(The Age, 28/08/2000)
.... a few of the options you can consider as part of your journey to physical self-improvement.

Lost Generation
(Sydney Morning Herald, 24/08/2000)
Adolescence is a vulnerable stage of life.   But in Australia, it is potentially fatal.

National Advisory Council for Suicide Prevention Board Members Announced
(Media Release, 22/08/2000)
Federal Health Minister Dr Michael Wooldridge today announced a new Board of advisers charged with the role of addressing and minimising the devastating impact of suicide on our communities.

The Diary
(Sun Herald, 20/08/2000)
Famous people are human, we discovered in this article on Adriana Xenides former letter-spinner from 'Wheel of Fortune'

The Knowledge
(The Age, 17/08/2000)
Some interesting statistics and information on young people and the challenges they face.

Facing Retirement Can be Depressing
(Illawarra Mercury, 08/08/2000)
Depression can occur at almost any age but one of the danger times is when people reach their 50s or 60s and retirement looms.

New Book Aims to Explain Depression
(The Age, 08/08/2000)
A straightforward resource book to help the public understand depression should be distributed to every household, former premier Jeff Kennett said yesterday.

Kennett's Crusade
(Melbourne Weekly Magazine, July 30 to August 5)
The irrepressible former Premier is using his consummate promotional skills to battle an illness that strikes one in five Australians.

Poetry, The Undying Art
(The Age Editorial 23/07/2000)
"...the value of poetry in a civilised, robust society can never be underestimated. Like the greatest monument, poetry lasts forever.

Songs in the Key Life
(Sydney Morning Herald 21/07/2000)
Music has the ability to unlock emotions and free us from social constraints.

It's the Kiss and Run That Makes Learning Fun
(Sydney Morning Herald 19/07/2000)
Sydney scientists have made a discovery about how the brain works that they believe provides a key to understanding learning and memory.

Fishing for a Cure for Depression
(Illawarra Mercury 12/07/2000)
Wollongong University researchers have the good oil on a nutrient which has benefits for Australia's leading health problems - depression and heart disease.

Muscling in on Therapy
(Illawarra Mercury 11/07/2000)
A simple muscle test may hold the key to our mental and physical ills according to Corrimal kinesiologist, Cindy de Camp.

Star Uses Own Story in Drive to Remove Depression Stigma
(The Age 10/07/2000)
One of Australia's best-loved actors will use his personal experience to push for greater awareness of depression.

Stars to Tackle Anxiety
(Herald Sun 10/07/2000)
Actor and confessed anxiety sufferer Garry McDonald has joined the high-profile push to tackle depression.

National Depression Initiative Board Members Announced
(Media Release 09/07/2000)
Health Minister Dr Michael Wooldridge today made a first announcement of the Board of the National Depression Initiative.

Birth Of The Blues
(The Age, Good Weekend 08/07/2000)
Jane Cadzow charts the current thinking on postnatal depression.

Lethargic? Blame the brain
(The Courier Mail 15/07/2000)
The brain is to blame for lethargy....

(Media Release 30/06/2000)
From the Minister for Health, Mr John Thwaites

One Million Australians Mentally Ill
(The Age 23/6/2000)
Australia is a nation in the grip of mental illness. Each year the equivalent of 320,000 healthy life years are lost to such disorders....

Help needed before men die
(Sydney Morning Herald 26/6/2000)
I almost crossed the point of no return....

Blame the depression and help find a cure
(The Age 21/6/2000)
... my concern is that in attacking the media we lose sight of the medical problem that caused the death - namely, depression.

In his darkest hour, a man needs a woman
(The Age 3/6/2000)
Why most men don't seek a confidant or an effective way of unburdening ...

Eat more fish and be happy
(Sun Herald 14/5/2000)
OILY fish is being investigated as a possible treatment for major depression.

AMA welcomes funding for depression
(AMA Media release, 15/3/2000)
The Australian Medical Association has today welcomed the Federal Government's announcement that it will provide $17.5m to help reduce the rate of depression in Australia within the next ten years.

Out Of The Shadows
(Sun Herald, 12/3/2000)
Depression is now the fourth most common problem seen by GPs and their response is usually a script for antidepressants...

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