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20 Simple Tips To Be Happy Now
Author - Dr. Timothy J. Sharp

Hands-On Health Promotion
Edited By - Rob Moodie and Alana Hulme

"This book provides health promoters with valuable guidance on everyday practice - on how to conceptualise, develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate health promotion programs at national, state/provincial, and local levels".

The Good Sleep Guide
Author - Dr. Timothy J. Sharp

Your Guide To E-Health
Author - Professor Peter Yellowlees

Thanks to Sharon ...

Learned Optimism
Author - Martin Seligman's

One of the best books I have ever read and one of the only books (of thousands!!) that has changed my life is Martin Seligman's "Learned Optimism". It talks about the difference between a positive attitude and an optimistic one (an in turn a negative and pessimistic one). Seligman talks about how to change your mindset, there is a "test" which will help you determine whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, talks about family history and why you are either optimistic or pessimistic.

Quite simply it is an easy book to obtain and easy to read and provides strategies on how to become optimistic, based on the theory that optimism can be learned. I STRONGLY recommend that all of my family and friends read this book (ask my father, he will tell you!!!) I hope that you are able to add it to your list of reading and find the same value from it that I have. I am an optimistic person, (not as much as I thought I was though!!) - so I learned so much from this mans writings that I would like to share it.

Thanks to Ian ...

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Psychology
Author - Joni E. Johnston

"I cannot being to express the amount of understanding that this site, information and peoples experiences has given me with my depression.

Thank you so much !!

I have read one book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Psychology. Whilst the title term idiot, is not good when you have depression, the book is by no means condecending, in fact the reverse. Like all the in jest, idiot' guides, this book written by a Dr Joni E Johnston an american Psy D. delineates what psychologists do and how they do it. It is in a very light easy to read format. The author illistrates her statements, explains how psychology came into existance, how psychologist evaluate human nature, and what they actually do. The book provides a light 'big picture' background into human behaviour and intersting read. Depression is well catered for.

The book provides insights into human nature, how the brain works and how our personalities are formed.
A history of psychology from ancient times to the present.
Simple explanations of psychological theories and principles.
Dozens of fun and revealing personaity quizze to help understand yourself and others better.
Many informative aspects of depression etc etc.
I purchased a copy from Dymocks books stores.

It might be well worth just having a look and see if the content may interest others.

I found it particulary interesting as I am now seeing a psychologist to help me manage my depression. At least now I have a basic understanding of what my psychologist will try and acheive !! :)

I am certainly going to investigate some of the titles you have listed on this site."

Thanks to Judy ...

The Blue Day Book - A Lesson In Cheering Yourself Up
Author - Bradley Trevor Greive
"This book is very quick and easy to read. Each page contains a picture and a small amount of text. Sounds simple, doesn't it? However, the beauty of it is that each picture features an animal & each one helps tell the story - in both a humorous and simple way. It is not a stolid and heavy-going text on how to beat depression, its just a little book about some of life's simple lessons that we all forget from time to time. I enjoyed it immensely and often read it when I am having a bad time of it ..... it never fails to make me chuckle at least once and makes my heart just a little lighter."


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