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What Is Bulimia?
Signs and Symptoms
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What Is Bulimia?

Bulimia is an eating disorder where the person suffering from it bines on food, then, to prevent weight gain, induces vomiting or uses laxatives, diet pills or exercise to reduce the effects of the food.

Bulimic people can often suffer feelings of guilt, depression or self-disgust.

People with bulimia tend to suffer from mood disorders as a result of the eating disorder, although genetics may be a contributing factor. Bulimia is thought to be a result of social, psychological and biological factors as well.

Long-term effects of bulimia include; cardiac, blood, digestive, kidney, bone and hormone problems. Depression, anxiety and thinking changes can also occur if the person is not treated.

Antidepressants can be used in conjunction with counselling and diet monitoring for recovery.


Signs and Symptoms:

        • fear of gaining weight or becoming fat.
        • overachieving in a variety of areas.
        • problems with body image.
        • denial of the behaviour.
        • decreased or no menstrual periods, called amenorrhea.
        • no eating followed by eating binges.
        • excessive exercise, even if underweight.
        • purging.
        • unusual eating habits and rituals.
        • frequent weighing.



There is also a Health Translations Online Directory that enables you, health practitioners, and those working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to easily find reliable translated health information.

The Directory provides web links to online multilingual resources across the health sector including government departments, peak health bodies, hospitals, community health centres and welfare agencies.



The factual information on this page was compiled from:
Health Answers (http://www.healthanswers.com)

by people who have had experience with Bulimia.

Please send us your comments and experiences with Bulimia to share with others.

I had always been the type of person that wasn't too concerned if I gained a few pounds. I accepted it as just a time in my life, no big deal. Until I befriended this person in my early 20's that had an issue with herself, and that reflected the way she felt she had to be for men to find her attractive. It wasn't too long before we began trying to get me into shape, lower my fat intake etc.. We went out a few times and I watched how men watched her. It wasn't long after that when I found myself skipping meals, over exercising, making lovely meals and feeling so in control that I didn't need to touch a single bite. After many months of torturing myself, I then found it harder to not eat and began sticking my fingers down my throat. I was so proud that I could do it, I even gave advice to a friend on how to best do it. I even resorted to taking drugs to try to prevent me eating. I was proud of my ribs sticking out.

Finally I came to a cross road in my life where I had to make myself see that a healthy eating plan (not diet) was the only way to go as I had a young child to care for and what was this doing for her. This was very hard for me but I managed to find my strength. It took me 6-7 years before I could happily eat fat regularly in moderation and feel comfortable with gaining a few kilos. I never weigh myself anymore (I threw the scales out). It still plays such a big part in my mind, but I am so glad I was able to find the strength to help myself..it is horrible feeling you are nothing or people won't like you if you are not thin..I truly feel for people who are going through this and hope that you can all find yourselves again or get someone's help to soon..

Brightest Blessings

(Moon Dancer)

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