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Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the physical and emotional
changes that some women experience before their period.

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        Physical Symptoms

      • bloated stomach
      • swollen hands and feet
      • tender or enlarged breasts
      • crampy lower-abdominal pain
      • weight gain
      • headache
      • nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation
      • appetite changes
      • joint or muscle aches
      • acne

        Emotional Symptoms

      • irritability
      • anger
      • depression
      • anxiety
      • tension
      • fatigue, lack of energy
      • difficulty concentrating
      • crying spells
      • feeling overwhelmed or out of control


Research into PMS has shown that there are generally no specific cures for it, because of the difference between symptoms. Your health care provider may ask you to write down the changes in emotional and physical symptoms that you get during your menstrual cycle.

Generally physical exercise, stress reduction and changes and modifications to diet may be required to change the symptoms that you get.

Depending on the severity of your emotional health your doctor may prescribe antidepressants or antianxiety medication. They may also refer you to a counsellor or psychologist for help with your emotional changes and relationship problems.

Diet changes and exercise may help to alleviate the physical symptoms and maybe some emotional symptoms. Sometimes medication treatment can be prescribed for swelling or cramps and headaches.



There is also a Health Translations Online Directory that enables you, health practitioners, and those working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to easily find reliable translated health information.

The Directory provides web links to online multilingual resources across the health sector including government departments, peak health bodies, hospitals, community health centres and welfare agencies.



The factual information on this page was compiled from:
Dr Whitaker's Guide To Natural Hormone Replacement Dr Julian Whitaker (http://www.compoundingchemist.com)
Your Hospital (http://www.beryl.net/yourhospital) and
West Lindfield Pharmacy (http://www.compoundingchemist.com/)

by people who are women and experience pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

Please send us your comments and experiences with being a woman and suffering Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) to share with others.

I am a 31 year old mother of four. I am in a happy secure relationship. Yet at " that time of the month" I turn into an uncontrollable tyrant. My family suffers at the hands of this unexplainable feeling that overwhelms my whole being. I become uncontrollably aggressive, irrational and flighty. For the past decade I have been on and off anti depressant medication, had fits of suicidal behaviour, all the while thinking I was suffering a mental illness. Hooray for my recent Doctors visit, who assures me it is PMT! Hope fully now after many years of feeling like I have been losing the plot I may be able to maintain a normal life. I do feel however that there should be more services available to the men involved in this whirlwind, going by my experience more often than not they feel it is an inadequency on their behalf and the problem is misunderstood and exaggerated.

Goodluck to all readers, remember it is not in your mind it's in your body...

I have been to the doctor today who assurred me that I have PMT depression. I have 3 children, youngest 11 and a husband. I treat them terribly around ovulation time. Suicide thoughts, Not answering the door or phones, feeling worthless and very lonely.

I am to start the pill after 10 years to suppress my ovulation and hormones. I hope this works. It takes a long time to realise that the 'moods' gradually increase in both frequency and intensity and that there is really a name for this illness, not just being paranoid.

I have only just become aware of the effects of PMT and my depression. One or two weeks before every period I would have a down time, some times much worse than others, also time frames would differ. Some months I would basically be down until the next month, other times I would only have a downer for a day or two. I have had seveve depression for years, which brought about the end of my 13 year marriage (he could never understand) and my leaving the perfect job and numerous suicide attempts. My doctor has just put me on the pill to hopefully balance out the hormones and the best thing, no more periods. I had my tubes tied years ago. I am still going through a bad time as I have only been on it for two weeks, it will be very interesting to see if I have another downer when I am normally due. I have my fingers crossed that something so simple and not thought about could be the answer to my depression. I hope that this can help someone else to be aware that PMT may be a trigger for them too.

Good luck to all.

Hi guys

I thought I should let some one know about my experience and if you can let other women know, perhaps the penny will drop with them.

I was diganosed with bi polar 3 yrs ago. It was only until 6months ago that I could see a pattern forming in my moods. I start going down hill 10days before my period, irritable, unable to concentrate, moody. Then as regular as clock work 4 days before my period I seriously contemplate suicide, having done it unsuccessfully afew times, thank goodness( even once in hospital). I am a mess. Then on the 2nd day of my period I go back to being normal. In the last few months by keeping a diary it has become noticeable that I have similar symptoms the day before and day of ovulation.

I'm a different person for 2 wks of the month.Taking progestrone tablets have leviated most of the problem and strategies with my family to help cope with what's left.

I have a husband, 2 children, a business and am actively involved in community groups. Probably as busy and stressed as most women. I have not had a "manic" episode in over 3 years. So now my mental health nurse is helping me to work things with the gyno.




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