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depressioNet is created by and for 'people like us'- Australians living with depression and our families and friends.   depressioNet exists today because of the generosity and commitment of people like us in giving their time and skills to fill the many essential roles behind the scenes.

As the demand on depressioNet increases and the opportunities for depressioNet to 'shine a light' and reduce the impact of depression grow, we are in urgent need of the help of people with particular skills and experience to volunteer their time as part of our 'Avenues of Service' Team.

While many of these roles will need people who live in Melbourne as you may need to work from the depressioNet office in Carlton, there are also a range of roles where people can be located anywhere throughout Australia - the wonders of the Internet!

Online Care Team
Promotion and Marketing
Research Article Writing
'Help In Your Area' Team
Project Management
Fundraising Team

General Information

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Online Care Team
The Online Care Team provide 24 hour support for our messageboard, chat and email and help to make depressioNet a safe and caring place for all. The OCT are based in our office in Carlton, Victoria. While we do have a few remote OCT members, this is more difficult from training and support perspective. It does take an extra commitment to be able to fill this role remotely.
The main duties of the OCT members are:

  • Make all visitors welcome and feel comfortable.
  • Ensure that depressioNet is a safe and caring place for all.
  • Moderate the chat rooms and message boards
  • Help people who are at high risk of suicide or self harm to access emergency services.
  • Work together as a team to ensure people find the information, help and support they need.
  • Responding to emails.
  • Answer questions, help and support people to get the maximum benefit from depressioNet.

Volunteering for the OCT provides you with the opportunity to gain a new type of experience in a caring and understanding role. There are many personal benefits to being a part of such a unique team, not least of all is the knowledge that we are able to help to make a positive difference in the lives of real people out there.

No formal qualifications are required to become a volunteer OCT member, it is your personal attributes that will make you suitable for the role. You must also have basic computer skills, excellent listening skills, an understanding of depression and an ability to communicate with a broad range of people in an online environment.
Training costs $210 and includes the 2 day ASIST Workshop. ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) is run by Living Works and is a highly respected 2 day intensive course.

The Online Care shifts are 4 hours in duration and allocated depending on your availability. Some Online Care Team members do 3-4 shifts per week while others do one shift.   If you feel that you would enjoy and benefit from this role, please fill in the application form and email, post or fax it to depressioNet.

Promotion & Marketing
People often email the Team and say that they wish they had found depressioNet earlier. We urgently need someone who has the skills and experience to coordinate a Team of people who have skills in various promotion & marketing related areas to help let people know depressioNet.com.au exists as a resource for them - on a very low budget!   As far as the skills and experience required here, you will know what we need better than we do!

We are also looking for the people with any skills in this area to join this team.
If you are be willing and able to write articles, prepare and distribute media releases, track down low / no cost promotional opportunities, follow up opportunities that others identify etc please consider joining this Team.

Research Writer
There are many research reports that provide information of interest and/or benefit to people with depression but that are written for Healthcare Experts. We need someone who is able to re-write these articles in a manner more appropriate for the general public - translate into everyday language.
Ideally we are looking for someone that has done similar work in the medical field, however there may be others out there with the skills required who do not have previous experience. It is not necessary to work from the office with this role.

Help In Your Area
Currently depressioNet has an extensive list of resources that are located on the site in the 'Help In Your Area' section of the site. We need a team of people who can each commit to spending a set period of time each week going through this section and checking that the information provided there is current, contact details accurate etc.
We would also like to increase this information on the site so that depressioNet is able to provide a comprehensive list of resources for people living with depression throughout Australia and New Zealand. Note that this is a role in which it is particularly appropriate to have a team of people from anywhere within Australia and New Zealand as local knowledge will be an advantage!

Project Management
There are many opportunities for depressioNet to improve the quality and breadth of service we provide that we are just not able to take advantage of due to lack of funding and resources and the current workload on the small Team. A lack of people with project management skills and the willingness and/or ability to commit to a set time per week to take responsibility for a project has made it impossible for the team to further develop these ideas and opportunites and put them into action.
We are desperately in need of people with the initiative and skills to take on a project and develop and implement it with minimal direction, funds and other resources at your disposal.

depressioNet realises the value that can be gained from fundraising as it not only provides financial assistance from the people that depressioNet is here for, all Australians, but it starts to create more awareness about depressioNet, the unique depressioNet model of empowerment and the services that depressioNet provides.
We have recently had a wonderful Fundraising Coordinator join our Team who is providing fundraising project coordination and management. Jenny is looking for people to help out on a number of fundraising projects.

General Information
One of the greatest challenges we face is being able to adequately care for and support the people who give their time and efforts. It is very important that you have a personal commitment to the role and have your own personal reasons for wanting to contribute your time and talents and are not doing so for external recognition or reward. If your motivation is to benefit from the gift of being able to contribute, then depressioNet offers you a wonderful opportunity!

You will need to be able to work autonomously and speak up when you need assistance. We do have a great team and we want all involved to enjoy and gain from the experience, however at the same time, we do all work very long and hard and need you to speak up if we have any concerns or needs of each other.   Personal experience with depression - either yourself or through a family member or close friend is a benefit in all roles at depressioNet!.

If you are interested in contributing in any of the areas above or in joining the depressioNet Team through our Avenues of Service program in some other way, please contact us at: team@depressioNet.com.au and include as much of the following information as possible:

  • The role you are interested in;
  • How you would like to contribute;
  • The amount of time you are willing and able to commit to on a regular basis;
  • Any relevant skills or experience in this or similar roles;
  • Why you would like to be a part of the depressioNet AoS Team;
  • Where you are located and if you are able to work from or attend meetings in Richmond;
  • Your resume if you have one would be great!

    If you do not receive a response from us within 7 days, or have any questions or concerns at anytime, please contact admin@depressioNet.com.au

  • We sincerely appreciate your feedback and input!

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