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of how people like us are shining a light

There are many people living with depression who are doing things that help
to shine a light on depression within their community or throughout Australia.

Here we recognise some of the people who are inspiring us
to help reduce the stigma of depression within our own communities
and at the same time raising vital funds for, and awareness of, depressioNet.

Please send in your story so that we can share it with others.

O Happy Day! Postcards for Happiness

ibeauty Medispa's Brow-a-thon

Candle's depressioNet Bag Sales

Pixierat's Market Stall

NSW Doctors Orchestra Concert

Kuru's Leg Rod eBay Auction!

Bluefish's Firewood Raffle

Socks & Alun's Wedding in 'Take5'

Briony's Shave For Recognition


ibeauty Medispa's Brow-a-thon

Marina Capitelli, Managing Director of ibeauty Medispa in Brisbane has approached the team at depressioNet with a request to hold a "Brow-A-Thon" in an attempt to raise awareness and financial support.

The "Brow-A-Thon" is targeting men and women in the corporate sector on the 16th of September, with $1 from every wax being donated directly to depressioNet! Also on the day will be the sale of depressioNet 'butterfly pins', as well as the opportunity to promote the service that depressioNet provides!


Candle's depressioNet Bag Sales

When one of our dNetters, Candle, ordered her depressioNet Carry Bags for herself, we accidentally sent her far more than she had ordered! However Candle (who lives with depression herself) adopted the 'no such thing as a problem, only an opportunity' approach and decided that rather than return the extra 70 bags, she would sell them! Here is what Candle has to say about her depressioNet Carry Bag selling experience...

" I find selling dnet bags a really great way to meet people whom I don't normally approach. It is kind of doing a bit of networking around the organisation where I work.

I usually approach them with the spill that Yes, it's $3.00 a bag but if you would like to contribute over and above that, the money will be gratefully received and all of it goes to ddepressioNet.
Some chose not to buy the bag and instead made a small donation and again this was received with much thanks.

Another positive is that when I approached one of the senior staff in HR, not only did he buy a bag but he also asked for the link to dnet website. He informed me that he is going to post this in our "Healthy lifestyle" section of the organisation's Intranet.

So many people that I approached were happy to support as they felt that this is such a worthy cause and a few also shared that they felt the government should focus more resources in this area.

I would encourage dnet members to get involved in this worthwhile exercise. You usually meet a couple of people who say "Yes, I suffered from the D or a member of my family suffered from depression..."


Pixierat's Market Stall
Pixierat came up with the fabulous idea of holding a stall at her local market for depressioNet - and on the 5th June 2005 she did just that!
The call for items, old and new, went out and there were some wonderful donations made! As usual, people flocked to the market to seek a bargain or two!

Donating the costs of holding the stall (stall booking fees etc) herself, Pixierat was able to raise over $400 for depressioNet! The final post Pixierat shared on our messageboard is below!

For this, and your inspirational effort in holding the stall, a huge Thanks from us all Pixie!

" Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know how today went… Firstly, the bit some of you will be reading for…
The total amount raised today was $364.85!!!

Now onto some of the information that, IMHO, is equally if not more important, the thank-you’s!

A HUGE thank you goes out to members Socks and Jen.
They too gave up there Sunday morning, getting up at 5 and travelling down to the market. They were there for set up, helped through to the end, and despite growing exhaustion, stayed on to pack up! Thank you both for the help, support and coffee!

An additional thank you goes out to people in “the real world” who lent a hand.
This help ranged from generous donations of goods, advice, help with pricing, help on the day, and general support to me.
I write this list partly so their names are acknowledged, and partly to say “wow” to how many amazing people there are in the world, when you seek them.
The following people have either no connection to Dnet, or have a loved one who is a member. Thank you to Matt, James, Laura, Mandy, Liz, Peter, Elaine, Tina, Denise, Elfie, Mary and Anne. Please send these special people your thankful thoughts! Without their generous support, and the support of anyone I have forgotten, there would have been no stall.

Dnet flyers were given out to people who showed an interest, so there was also the added bonus of some random publicity.

I should also mention that there was one large item sold before today, so if you’ve read this far you can be rewarded by the knowledge that the actual total was $414.85. I feel as thrilled by this result as I feel exhausted by the day!

Thanks to all that gave their support to this endeavour.


Kuru' Leg Rod eBay Auction!
In December 2004 a rather unusual post was made to our 'Fundraising Forum in the messageboard! (need to be registered)
One of our dNetters, 'Kuru', who had been involved in a road accident and had spent some time with metal rods in his leg, decided to sell his leg rods on eBay to raise funds for and awareness of depressioNet and Road Trauma Support.

" If you know of anyone interested in collecting weird and wonderful things please ask them to check out my weird auction on eBay!
Great for anyone interested in weird and quirky things or people who would be interested in making screws, threads or anything else out of titanium !
50% of the sale price will go directly to Dnet, the other 50% will go directly to the Road Trauma support Team. Both are registered charitys and do an amazing job so help me support them."

"Figured if somebody wants to buy a bit of burnt toast for some crazy amount of money on ebay I can sell parts that were once in me Plus it's for a good cause.
50% to Dnet and 50% to the Road Trauma support team...
With the help of the Age newspaper I hope to get bigger sales which will also be going to charity"

Thanks to YOU, Kuru! From all who appreciate depressioNet!


Bluefish's Firewood Raffle

'Bluefish' (female, 35yo) lives in country North-East Victoria and during our 2004 D-Day fundraising campaign raised a grand total of $593 for depressioNet by raffling firewood!

The following is taken from our messageboard (need to be registered) where Bluefish shared her project with other members and kept us posted on how she was doing.

"The little town I live in has a wood raffle every saturday morning and you can start selling the tickets from the Monday before.... so on Saturday the 17th July I will be sitting down the street selling tickets and I think it will be very successful....
I will sit down the street in the preceding week as well..."

"  (((dnetters)))
good news.... my ex, who is supplying the wood, is going to increase the load and decrease the price!!!!! (yes, I fell over when he told me)
cost of wood is $100, so everything after that goes to dnet!!!!!
and officially I haven't started selling tickets yet... but $8 already... yeah yeah, I know it's not much.... but it's a start!!!"

"Selling tickets down the street this afternoon, someone passed comment that if people didn't sit around on the computer, they wouldnt be depressed...
Then a dog came and relieved itself on my brand new bought for the occasion card table and cardboard sign I had done up with all the details...
$185 so far!!!!!!
and the school asked me to work in the office tomorrow, so I figure that with that unexpected income I am going to pay for the wood instead of taking it out of the raffle money... so all money goes to dnet!!! yay!!! "

"it never rains but it pours...
I had high aims of being able to sit down the street heaps and sell tickets but work has picked up for me, which I know is a good thing, but I'm just starting to feel like once again, I dunno how to put it, that when I try and do something, something will always go wrong... mum says why am I doing this by myself, well, hello, who else is going to do it? I know anything is better then nothing.... sorry, tired and got a hell of a headache....
as for tickets sold? like how many? well, I don't know, I had hoped for $500 which means 500 tickets, but I'm running out of time to be able to sell them..."

"Tomorrow the raffle will be drawn but I will have about 3 hours more selling time so I am really hoping we will pass the $500 mark..."

"that's it, no more freeeezing down the street... the grand total of the dnet wood raffle is......
hoooopy de dooooo
the cheque is in the mail!"

CONGRATULATIONS - and Thank You Bluefish! You are an inspiration!


Socks & Alun's Wedding in 'Take5'

Socks & Alun are two dNetters who showed incredible courage when they married in 2004 by sharing their wedding and their experiences with depression publicly, agreeing to be interviewed by 'Take5' magazine.
Socks shares her thoughts here (and there is a link to the article below)...

" AJ & I did a two page article for Take5 last August which raised a few hundred dollars for dNet.
The article focused on our depression and there was a nice little section with Leanne and info. about dNet.
It is so wonderful to hear about people like you who joined dNet as a direct result of our article. At the time, AJ & I received many emails from new members saying that they had heard about dNet because of the article

We did actually sit down with Keith from the Team one day and try to estimate the number of new members from that article ~ and the figure was staggering !!!

Just imagine what each one of us contributes to dNet every time we talk about it with others ~ sooooooo many new people find us here.
We can all do our bit, big or small, to continue to actively support dNet ~ which means of course supporting each other!

To be honest, it is probably the scariest thing I have ever done ( and AJ too ).
Although we were VERY PLEASED to be asked to do the story, I was frightened in the wait for it to be published, then worried about the reaction ~ especially from work colleagues who might come across it.
Thankfully, the response was mostly positive, and staff from work would come & say a word or two of encouragement to me. Even now, a year later,the odd person I haven't seen for a while will say something like, "I read your article. Good on you."

Read their Article in 'Take5' Magazine

THANKS Socks & Alun!
Particularly from all those who found depressioNet because you were both so courageous!


Briony's Shave For Recognition

Briony is a 15 year old student who on Sunday August 31st 2003 shaved her hair off as a fundraising event for depressioNet, in which she raised $2250.

Briony's aim in carrying out this event was to raise awareness of depression in a community still grieving a suicide and lacking an understanding of depression.

Her lack of hair is a symbol of the hardships faced by people with depression. Also, as depression does not just "go away", so to Briony's hair will not just "grow back" instantly.

Our deepest admiration, respect and thanks to Briony for her courage, and determination to make a difference for other people living with depression. Your practical support and actions DO make a difference in the lives of other people.



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