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Past Site Updates

The following are past updates to the depressioNet 'What's New' section on the home page.
Only items that will remain on the depressioNet.com.au website long term are included here.

4th May Reach Out For The Kids A concert promoting awareness of depression, this weekend in NSW!
2nd May Your help needed in the online research project - Tellsomeone
26th April Melb Seminar on depression, suicide and self harm.
21st April ARMHRF grants and scholarship applications are now open.
11th April News articles relating to the PM's announcement on funding for mental health.
7th April Read the depressioNet users response to the Prime Minister's Announcement on Mental Health
7th April depressioNet users response to the Prime Minister's Announcement on Mental Health
6th April A response from the MHCA - PM Takes Welcome First Step On Mental Health Crisis
5th April An announcement from the Prime Minister - Better Mental Health Services For Australia
31st March Senate Committee Mental Health Report released.
28th March Attend the book launch of Understanding Depression, written by Maria Prendergast.
24th March Help the Tellsomeone research project by taking part in the survey.
15th March Uncontrolled Emotions by Nana Jacki and Poetry by Candle
14th March Stories from Buttercup and Jarrod
2nd February Media Release - Stress and resisting low mood heightens risk of depression relapse
31st January Media Release - High-profile sufferers of depression help to destigmatise mental illness
30th January Media Release - Counselling and exercise effective for mental health - survey finds
20th January Media Release - depressioNet Reports Increased Use Of Online Support Service For Workplace-Related Depression
18th January Media Release - depressioNet Announces New Era and Role for Founder
6th January An article - Slipping Through The Cracks - Traversing Australia's Mental Health System by Freedumb
1st January In the news: 20% of children have a parent with a mental illness

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