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O HAPPY DAY - Postcards for Happiness

Artists create works to support depression

“O Happy Day” – Postcards for Happiness is an art competition conceived by Jacqueline Gwynne, artist and supporter of the online resource for those affected by depression, depressioNet. The aim of this competition is to both increase awareness of depression and to promote the depressioNet service to a broader community.

Artists were invited to create a post-card message to “reach out and make people happy”, thus forming the basis of a national exhibition and promotional campaign. Over 100 post-card entries have been received from artists, schools, design students and Australian citizens. “O Happy Day” – Postcards for Happiness has attracted national interest with support from internationally acclaimed artists, celebrities and politicians at a State and Federal level.

“Depression is very common but still a taboo subject” , said Jacqueline. “Mental health issues affect the majority of the population at some point in their lifetime. This project aims to raise awareness about mental illness, specifically depression, while also raising much needed funds for depressioNet. It also promotes the simple ways that people can care for others and change their day”

Six finalists in the competition have been selected from the entries received, with their designs packaged as a set of six postcards.

The sets are available for purchase for only $6 per set (plus postage) with all proceeds going toward supporting the vital 24-hour services of depressioNet.com.au.

Send an email to the Team to order your Happy Day postcard sets!






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