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A mother's struggle
31th July 2005
By Fiona Byrne
Publication: Herald Sun
Herald Sun. Reproduced by Permission

GOOD Morning Australia's Leah Hudson -- who describes herself as a "yummy mummy" -- has spoken of her battle with postnatal depression.

Hudson has told of her inner struggle to understand and maintain her identity after the birth of her son Manu, 3.

And she has also spoken of her split with her husband, former AFL star Paul.

"I think people look at me and just assume that because aesthetically I suit a particular stereotype that my life is amazing," Hudson said.

"But in fact I do ride the waves. Everybody has those ups and downs.,"

"Postnatal depression comes in all shapes and forms and for me it was more about my own identity. It was nothing to do with my child. He was just the little man who brought it out in me."

Hudson, who is an ambassador for the Post And Ante Natal Depression Association, said she was helped through her troubles by friends.

"I was fortunate that I had good people around me who picked up the signals and were able to guide me -- because when you are in that state you don't think anything is wrong, you are in denial," she said.

"Every one has inner demons, but you slowly sift through them. One day I have a good day, one day I have a bad day."

Hudson said despite splitting early this year with her husband, the pair remained close friends.

"It is very amicable. Paul and I are still good friends. We are just on different pages and are both very, very happy about our futures," she said.

Hudson, a former leading model, is looking better than ever in a sultry pictorial in FHM magazine.

"I am 30, a mum and I think there are other women out there who can see what I have done and be empowered by it," she said.

"There are lots of parts to my life I am a mother, a partner, a lover, a friend, I am a student, a teacher, I am also a goddess, and I am an ambassador."

"As a whole I represent the modern day woman."

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