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to everyone who has joined our Newsletter mailing list since our first edition in July.   Through the newsletter we are able to keep you posted about what we are doing to improve depressioNet.com.au, and the service we provide for Australians with depression and their support networks.   We also include a story or an article for you to enjoy that we hope is of interest and/or help to you.   Your feedback always appreciated!

The visitors increase…
In our first newsletter we reported over 1500 hits to depressioNet.com.au in our first 4 weeks.   We are thrilled to let you know that four weeks later this number has grown to 6,000!

The team grows…
As our vision grows and the number of visitors increases, so too does 'the team behind the screens'.   More hands are needed to maintain the high standard of the site and of the services we provide.
We welcome Jess to the office administration team. At 17 years old, Jess also brings valuable insights for helping us help teenagers struggling with depression.
Dion joins our 'Site Build'. Dion is our systems software programmer, responsible for our 'advertisement free' Messageboard, and is working hard on building our new chat room.

Help in your area – the story continues…
One of the most important aspects of depressioNet.com.au is ensuring that we have help available when people need it. ACT / NSW went live this month, joining Melbourne on our Help In Your Area page. Queensland and Tasmania will be available during August. This is only the beginning - more professionals as well as other services including support & community groups will be continually added.

If you are looking for help in your area before we have it listed on depressioNet.com.au, you are more than welcome to email your request through.   We are willing and able to find the resources you need, and have done this for over 50 people during July.   We respect your privacy and understand that it can be a big step to ask for help.   We send you the contact details of people and services available in your area, and leave the rest to you.   Your details are not given to anyone.


  • Continues in print and radio in Melbourne…
  • Kicked off in Queensland last week with an interview on Family Radio, more on the way…
  • NSW, SA and TAS being looked at next.
    For depressioNet.com.au to be able to help, people need to know it is here!

    Our Thanks to you for taking the time to send us your support and encouragement. Your feedback is very welcome and helps us to know that we are on the right track.

    • W: "…You have made me feel better just to know you're there."
    • V-C: "Thanks for a really important site. …it is nice to be able to log on in the middle of the night and know that I am not alone"
    • L: Congratulations on your terrific web site. I think it's great to know that there is someone out there who cares for the depressed. … Thanks for your time and efforts."
    • B: Thank-you for an Aussie depression site at last…

    What's Happening this Month?

  • Our new chat room should be ready soon – faster to load and easier to use
  • More 'help in your area' on the way
  • Help for carers - we will get our 'Family and Friends' info growing
  • Medications – an enormous task, but at your request we'll make a beginning
  • In response to your feedback, we are working on an Australian book supplier!

    The features already available on the site will also be updated and improved regularly.   We will let you know of new additions and changes on the home page at depressioNet.com.au in the "What's New" section, so it is important that you remember to press 'F5' on your keyboard when you enter so that you will be able to see the latest changes!

    Depression 2000 Conference
    Health Care Professionals from all over Australia as well as overseas attended the Depression 2000 conference on the Gold Coast last weekend. It was great to see so many GPs, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Nurses and others working in Mental Health, so very enthusiastic to learn more about treatments, therapies and other ways they can help us to deal effectively with depression.   Good news for us!

    As well as providing valuable information, the conference also gave us the opportunity to meet Health Care Professionals who are very supportive of depressioNet.com.au and are happy to help in a variety of ways.

    A Story - Why the butterfly?
    Many people have asked about the meaning behind the butterfly in the depressioNet heading. -> Hope!

    When my children were young enough to need entertaining on long car trips, I would have a supply of children's tapes for them to listen to.   We had a number of tapes from a "Story Time" series, and one of the stories on one of these tapes was a child's version of Pandora's Box. Much later, when depression struck my life, I often recalled this story and it gave me comfort.
    The butterfly as a symbol of hope comes from this story. It represents the hope that is so important to us as humans, and often very hard to feel when you suffer from depression.

    Unfortunately the tape is long since gone, however Jess did some research into the story of Pandora's box and put together a lovely version for us.   'Pandora's Box' is commonly used to describe a situation with potential for trouble, unpleasantness. Whoever started this usage was not listening attentively to the tape – they missed out on the final & very important point!   Not only is this a lovely story, it explains the butterfly.   We hope you enjoy!

    -Leanne & The depressioNet Team

    Pandora's Box - A Story of Hope


  • Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

    If you have a service or product that may be of assistance to people with depression or a related condition, or their support people, please contact us for details on how to be listed or contribute to this site.

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