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Welcome to the bumper Christmas dNetter
A very warm Welcome to depressioNet and to the depressioNet Newsletter! Erika is heading up a wonderful Communications Team who have been contributing their time to improve the communication to all who need, use and support depressioNet in a myriad of ways. Our thanks to Elisa for putting together this bumper issue of the depressioNet newsletter.

You’ll notice that we are now taking a more interactive spin, check out the dNetworking page to see how you can become involved. We welcome your contributions and feedback. If you’ve got any ideas or questions; or want to have your say feel free to email newsletter@depressionet.com.au

As this is our Christmas edition, there are some very handy hints for those who struggle through the Christmas period – our Thanks to Tim Sharp and Professor Jayashri Kulkarni for their help!

Warmth & Peace to all
& the Team at depressioNet

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Join the depressioNet Team
All expressions of interest for any role as part of the depressioNet Team go to admin@depressionet.com.au We look forward to hearing from you!

Join the depressioNet Communications Team
The depressioNet Communications Team is looking for people who would like to contribute by helping produce the depressioNet Newsletters. We need people who are willing and able to assist with cartoons / comics / illustrators, helping to compile the ‘What’s On’ information and photographers.
If you would like to help out in any of these areas, please email admin@depressionet.com.au

Donate to depressioNet
depressioNet relies on the continuing donations from all. You are invited to make a donation to help keep depressioNet here for all of those that use and need depressioNet and for those that haven’t yet found us.
You can make a donation online at: http://www.depressionet.com.au/donate.html

Or you can donate in the following ways:

Electronic Funds Transfer
depressioNet BSB: 013 225 Account No: 1101 31829
(Please note your name when setting up the transfer and send an email to team@depressionet.com.au so we can send you a tax receipt)

Donate By Post – send a cheque or money order to:
PO Box 57
Carlton South
VIC, 3053

Donate By Phone – call 1300 13 55 42

dNet News
The year 2005 has seen a number of significant achievements for depressioNet including the successful D-Day Campaign, the announcement of the dNet Centres Project, and depressioNet’s first major fundraising venture.

  • The successful D-Day ‘Our Voice’ campaign where the voice of thousands of dNetters, healthcare professionals and supporters from throughout the community joined together and with the help of Alan Jones at 2GB, were finally heard by the Federal Government.
    On 14th October the Department of Health & Ageing offered much needed financial support for the core depressioNet 24 hour services. This is less than half of what we need each year and our sincere thanks to all our dNetters, friends and supporters who donate and help ensure we are able to maintain the highest standard of quality and service.
    The funds raised during the campaign will go towards a quality audit of depressioNet, securing the foundations of the depressioNet site and service and the new dNet Centres Project. Further information is available at http://www.depressionet.com.au/dday.html.
  • 2005 also saw the undertaking of depressioNet’s first major fundraising venture.
    The NSW Doctor's Orchestra, Musicus Medicus, and depressioNet joined forces to hold an inaugural fundraising concert on Sunday 26 June at the University of NSW.
    The concert, which featured special guest soloist Evgeny Ukhanov, aimed to encourage sufferers of depression to see their doctors.
    depressioNet resource manager, Kristen said the relationship between those with depression and their GPs is vital to the successful treatment of depression and that the concert hoped to encourage the building of such relationships.
    “We hope that events such as this emphasise the importance of doctors and people living with depression working together to find solutions to the challenges of living with depression,” said Kristen. More than $10 000 was raised, which will go towards depressioNet services. Further information is available at http://www.depressionet.com.au/concert.html


  • depressioNet have relocated to our new office and we are settling in nicely!
  • depressioNet recently welcomed MBF Group as a founding partner in the dNet Work Centres project
  • depressioNet.com.au is still ranked in Hitwise "TOP 10" website 'Health and Medical – Information’. * Submissions for the depressioNet Creative Book opened. Further information is available at http://www.depressionet.com.au/files/dnet_book.html
  • depressioNet continues to promote through having a range of promotional wear, our latest addition to this is depressioNet Bags. You can view all promotional wear at: http://www.depressionet.com.au/files/promo.html

    What Works For Me
    Expression Through Words
    A book just to write my feelings in is a great relief and support when I am down. It is great for when you can’t speak to anyone; I just sit there with a pen in hand and write whatever comes to mind. At times I write to myself, for when I have difficulties understanding what is wrong, and other times I write to people who have upset me. I let my hands do the writing. Also, at times I find I clear my mind just by drawing in it. It is a book to express yourself and to let out pent up feelings.
    ElvenOne - dNetter

    Paint My Way
    I have recently discovered painting as a way of seeing me through difficult times; it’s a brilliant diversion plus I get to be creative all at once.
    I never thought I would be able to paint, because I can't draw but I am allowing myself to experiment and just let it happen. It is SO tempting to 'judge' what I am doing but painting is helping me to realise that if I do judge what I am doing it stifles and stops development and causes me to 'freeze'. So I just say to myself hey, this is all experimentation and every brush stroke becomes a learning curve and a new discovery. I've realised that I have to allow myself to make mistakes in order to learn what works and what doesn't. Instead of saying 'that's crap' I have learned that it just 'is'.
    Savvvy – dNetter

    What’s On Nationwide
    Black Dog Institute Writing Competition
    The theme for this new competition is 'How to live with the ‘black dog’ (depression).

    Hope Awards -- Short Film Competition
    The Hope Awards, an Eli Lilly Australia initiative, seeks to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness by countering inaccurate, stereotypical and negative portrayals with messages of hope.

    What’s On Queensland
    Support Group -- Head High ‘Living Beyond Suicide’
    This group is for young people who have lost a loved one, friend, schoolmate or work colleague to suicide.

    ARAFMI Support Groups
    ARAFMI provides support services for families and friends of people with mental illness.

    What’s On New South Wales
    Depression and Anxiety Support Group
    The Depression and Anxiety support group support each other through their positive speech and actions.

    Women and Depression Conference
    This conference explores the challenges of depression in relation to women.

    What’s On Northern Territory
    ARAFMI – Carer’s Morning Tea
    Held on the first Tuesday of every month.

    Support Group -- Alice Springs
    Alice Springs Bereaved Through Suicide Support Group

    What’s On Victoria
    PADA: Panic, Anxiety and Depression Assistance
    PADA offers a specialist treatment services for adults and children experiencing anxiety and depression.

    Out Doors Inc
    Out Doors Inc is a community based mental health service providing a range of recreation and adventure programs for people with mental illness and respite for their carers.

    What’s On Canberra
    OCD Support Group
    Confidential discussion, support & speakers. Friends and relatives are welcome.

    Open Art
    Designed to support and promote good mental health in the community.

    What’s On South Australia
    Men’s Shed
    A support group for men to talk about feelings and health worries.

    Mood Disorders Association
    There are regular support group meetings in a number of suburbs around Adelaide.

    What’s On Western Australia
    ASHA – Anxiety Self Help Association
    ASHA is a consumer organisation representing people who have an anxiety disorder.

    The Creative Expression Unit
    Our service aims to support the mental health and well-being of people aged 16 years and older through encouragement in the expressive arts.

    What’s On Tasmania
    Northern Tasmanian Anxiety and Depression Support Group
    This support group welcomes anyone living with Anxiety, Agoraphobia, OCD and Panic Disorder.

    Post Natal Depression Group
    A mutual support group.

    dNetworking Page
    Welcome to the new dNetworking section; for dNetters, by dNetters.
    We hope through dNetworking to engage the dNet community and produce a positive and uplifting source of inspiration for all dNet members as well as creating a dialogue within the dNet community by providing an interactive creative outlet.

    Se we’re sending out the call for:

  • Reviews of books that you have read that you have found helpful and you think others may benefit from reading.
  • What’s on, events and support groups in your area that you think others in your area might be interested in – these need to relate to depression or mental illness for inclusion in the newsletter and on the depressioNet website.

    Submission Guidelines
    Reviews of Books

  • Please include the name you would like the review attributed to – this is to help you remain anonymous.
  • The title of the book and a brief about how it has helped you.

    What’s On, Events and Support Groups

  • A brief description of the event or support group
  • Contact details of the event organiser or support group facilitator

    For further information or to make a submission please email team@depressionet.com.au

    The next edition of the dNet Newsletter will come to you in a different format. We are presenting our newsletter like this for the last time. The next newsletter will be called: “dNetter”

    From all of the team at depressioNet
    We wish you all a joyous and peaceful Christmas
    And a happy and healthy New Year!

    December Articles

    Coping Strategies… For The Holiday Season
    By Dr Timothy Sharp, Happiness Institute, depressioNet Partner In Health

    Tis’ The Season To Be Jolly?
    By Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, Director, Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne


  • Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

    If you have a service or product that may be of assistance to people with depression or a related condition, or their support people, please contact us for details on how to be listed or contribute to this site.

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