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June 2001

For easy reading, Download and print the Newsletter using adobe acrobat.

A very warm depressioNet welcome to all who are new to depressioNet since our last newsletter.
In addition to the depressioNet.com.au Internet site and the information, help and support provided online, depressioNet provides a 'team behind the screens'. The dNet team are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your emails, locate resources in your area, monitor and support our Chat Room and Message board communication forums, and much more. You can contact us via email to team@depressionet.com.au

Welcome to Jenny and Tracey!
We have recently had two new people join our team on a part time basis.
Tracey (TJ) has joined the team to help out with providing 24-hour support for depressioNet.com.au visitors.
Jenny (Jen) has come on board to coordinate the visitor help teams so these projects can now get off the ground and be of benefit to both our visitors and the work we are doing here. Previously we just haven't had the resources to be able to coordinate the generous offers of help.

Welcome to our new Sponsors!
depressioNet began in June 2000 and the project was privately funded for it's first year.
The depressioNet team would like to thank our new sponsor this month, Bristol-Myers Squibb, for supporting the depressioNet project at the Banksia Level ($5,000+).
TJ's parents now join our list of "Friends of depressioNet" with their generous donation, and our sincere thanks also to Shelley for donating our much needed new phone system!!

New Messageboard and Chat!
At last! Thanks to the support of our sponsors, our new Chat went live in early June. While there were some initial teething problems, the new Chat is up and running. There are still a few gremlins lurking in the shadows J, however the developers are working on shaking most of these free in the next couple of weeks!

The finishing touches are being made to the new Message Board and this should be ready to go live before the end of June. The best part of this is that visitors will need to register to post. This is a very positive improvement as it will mean that we are far less susceptible to Pesty Posters L and it will not be possible for two people to post using the same name, which can be very confusing!

We appreciate your patience as we implement these new communication forums, and want to thank everyone who has taken the time to provide very valuable feedback. Remember that 24hour support is available for both the messageboard and chat either by phone or email.

TheMHS 11th Annual Mental Health Conference
TheMHS is the largest Mental Health conference in Australia and New Zealand, attracting over 1,000 health professionals, carers, and people living with depression. This years conference will be held in New Zealand from 29th to the 31st August and has the Theme 'No One Is An Island'. Very appropriate for dNet!

We currently have five Australian research projects on depressioNet.com.au that need our help.
NEW! Transcranial Magnetic Research (TMS) A New Treatment for Depression
The Mood Disorders Unit (MDU) at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney is offering TMS as an experimental treatment for depression. To participate in this study you will need to be able to visit the MDU in Sydney.

Language problems, schizophrenia and mood disorders
This study is being conducted by Dr. Susan Rossell from Maquarie University and needs people who live in the Sydney region and who have schizophrenia or a mood disorder.

Mood Disorders and Intimate Relationships
A research study through Deakin University that aims at exploring the intimate relationships of couples where at least one partner has a mood disorder. Another questionnaire so it doesn't matter where you live!

Visitor Help Teams!
Many dNet visitors have asked us if there is anyway they can help and be a part of depressioNet. Now that Jenny is on board to work with the dNet team and coordinate the Visitor Help Teams, the many projects that you can help with will soon be under way. Thank you to all for your patience with this! Being a part of the visitor help teams gives you an opportunity to be involved at any level you would like, from providing input and feedback on new developments through to taking part in specific project teams. You can still be anonymous if you wish... email is a wonderful thing! Just email us at team@depressioNet.com.au and we will include you.
It is very important that you take part only if you feel it will be of benefit to you. depressioNet is here to support you not the other way around! http://www.depressionet.com.au/visitorhelp.html

New Books!
Your Guide to E-Health by Professor Peter Yellowlees from the Center for Online Health in Queensland provides an up-to-date source of practical information on how to use the Internet to improve your health.
For more information or to order this book online visit: http://www.depressionet.com.au/books/visitors/ehealth.html

Life on a Roller Coaster: Living Well With Depression and Manic Depression by Madeleine Kelly is written from the perspective of people who have manic depression and draws on her own personal experience to provide information and practical suggestions on how to live well with depression. This book will also be very helpful to carers! For full reviews or to order: http://www.depressionet.com.au/books/depression/roller_coaster.html

What's On
Every week there are many excellent programs, seminars, workshops, lectures, etc held throughout Australia that people with depression and associated conditions, as well as families & friends, will find both useful and interesting. We have information on these at depressioNet at http://www.depressionet.com.au/whatson.html so that you can easily find out what is happening in your area. Please let us know via e-mail to team@depressionet.com.au if you are aware of any relevant events so that we can let others know about it.

We have included some of the Seminars & Workshops that may be of interest that are being held throughout Australia and New Zealand below, and a few others to give you an example of the sort of programs that are being held. For more information on these and other relevant events, visit the National and State links from http://www.depressionet.com.au/whatson.html.

Overcoming Depression: Calm Life Skills http://www.depressionet.com.au/whatson/natwhatson.html#calm
The Calm Life Skills Seminars are held throughout the year and offer techniques to help you to relax and achieve goals, by taking charge of your life. These are held throughout Australia and New Zealand!

Yapko Workshops http://www.depressionet.com.au/whatson/yapko.html
Dr. Michael Yapko is a clinical psychologist and marriage/family therapist in clinical practice in Solana Beach, California. Michael Yapko is internationally recognised for his work in the active treatment of depression, the use of clinical hypnosis and his advancement of the use of outcome-focused, short-term psychotherapy.

Strength Building Program For Women http://www.depressionet.com.au/whatson/vic_stlukes.html
A recovery-focused 10-week group program for women who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Depression - How To Recognise It & What To Do About It Dr. Nick Allen, clinical psychologist, lecturer, department of psychology, University of Melbourne http://www.depressionet.com.au/whatson/vicwhatson.html

Women with Depression & Gambling Seminar http://www.depressionet.com.au/whatson/sawhatson.html

Monthly Article

One of the most popular topics for chat room discussion centers around medications and their side effects. However there is one aspect of depression in general, and medication specifically, that isn't often discussed because it's such an intimate matter. The effect of depression and anti-depressant medications on sex-life. It can be an enormous relief to discover that you are not the only one to experience these effects and to openly and honestly discuss things you can do to minimise the impact. Thanks to everyone who contributed towards our article this month Particularly Fred Baker and Robbie!

- Leanne and the depressioNet team

Sex And Depression


Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

If you have a service or product that may be of assistance to people with depression or a related condition, or their support people, please contact us for details on how to be listed or contribute to this site.

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