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to everyone who has joined our Newsletter mailing list since our October edition. Through the newsletter we are able to keep you posted about what we are doing to improve depressioNet.com.au for Australians with depression and their families & friends. We also include a story or an article for you to enjoy that we hope is of interest and/or help to you. Your feedback is always appreciated! The depressioNet.com.au site is updated daily, with items of particular interest included in the "What's New" section on our home page. Be sure to visit regularly and remember to 'refresh' (IE browsers) or 'reload' (Netscape) to ensure that you see the latest version of the home page. There are also general additions and updates that are not included in What's New, so keep an eye out in your favorite places.

In October, depressioNet.com.au went on to be selected as a FINALIST in the Australian Financial Review's Internet Industry Awards in the "Community and/or Special Interest" category. The winners are announced at a special ceremony in Sydney on November 28th We will keep you posted! Thanks to all for your feedback we do listen and it helps us to make depressioNet the site we all need.

The Visitors Increase
With the help of the AFR Australian Internet Awards, and links through from other Internet sites such as Good Medicine, Sane, search engines etc, we are now getting well over 300 visitors each day. This is great for a very new site with little promotion. We are planning to run a radio promotional campaign early in the new year to let more people know that depressioNet.com.au exists as a resource for them.

Garry McDonald (Australian Actor) and Neil Cole (Member of Parliament) have both shared something of their experiences with depression. If you missed these in What's New, you will find these in the 'people' section. If you know of any well-known Australians who have suffered depression and may be happy to share their experiences, please let us know and we will ask them. It helps to know that this is an illness that can strike anyone, and that it is still possible to lead very productive lives.

What's On?
In addition to the help that is available around Australia, we are now providing information about "What's on" in your area". Please let us know of any events, functions, workshops, support groups, that people may find helpful so that we can let others know about them.

Special Events Coming Up..
"Moment of Choice" 2-day National conference on defeating depression, drug use, suicide and deliberate self-harm. Sydney 16th to 17th November. This is for "families, consumers, health professionals, allied workers, service providers, government and non-government agencies and you." For more information phone (02) 9956 8333 or click on the link on the depressioNet.com.au home page. Let us know of any good resources or functions that are coming up & we can let others know about them.

What's Been Happening?..

  • The new chat room is going well, although there are still a few 'gremlins' in the system, they are quite harmless and will soon be ironed out ! There are people in there most evenings now, and we now have a calendar so that people can arrange to meet in the chat room at a given time. Particularly if you would like, or need, someone to chat to at times when there is not usually someone there, put an entry in the calendar to let others know you are going to be there, remember to make note of time differences. It can help just to be able to talk with others who understand what it is to have depression.

  • It can be very hard living with and supporting people with depression and we are continually adding to our Family & Friends section. Feedback tells us that many people with depression also find some of the information there helpful for themselves, as well as for their families and friends.

  • We have added to the medications & treatments for depression. Associate Professor Trevor Norman is casting an eagle eye over this for us to make sure that the information we provide is accurate. We also need your help with information and comments on your experiences with the different medications and treatments. It does help others to hear about your experiences.

    Monthly Article
    Many people have been asking about Hypnotherapy and it's usefulness in treating depression. Many psychologists and psychiatrists are also skilled in hypnotherapy and have found it to be a very useful tool in treating depression. It is important to note that the effectiveness of any treatment for depression can vary greatly from person to person, and for most people with depression, a combination of treatments is best. Janet Hall is a Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist and the following is an excerpt from information that Janet sent through and gives an overview of hypnotherapy and how it can help with depression.



  • Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

    If you have a service or product that may be of assistance to people with depression or a related condition, or their support people, please contact us for details on how to be listed or contribute to this site.

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