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to everyone who has joined our Newsletter mailing list since our September edition. Through the newsletter we are able to keep you posted about what we are doing to improve depressioNet.com.au, and the service we provide for Australians with depression and their support networks. We also include a story or an article for you to enjoy that we hope is of interest and/or help to you. Your feedback is always appreciated!
The depressioNet.com.au site is updated daily, with specific items of interest included in the "What's New" section on our home page. Be sure to visit regularly and remember to 'refresh' (IE browsers) or 'reload' (Netscape) to ensure that you see the latest version of the home page.

The visitors increase…
4 months on and we have had over 15,000 visitors to depressioNet.com.au! We are always looking for creative ways to let people know that depressioNet.com.au exists as a resource for them. Please let us know if you can help with this in any way.

Help in your area - the story continues..
We have totally revamped the depressioNet "Help In Your Area" section and have an initial list of resources available in all states. This is a priority for us during the coming months. There are so many resources available in Australia and yet we are finding it a challenge to locate them all. Trying to do this while in the depths of depression can be difficult.
Remember that if you want information regarding help available in your area, you can email us at admin@depressioNet.com.au, and we will send it through. Your privacy will be respected at all times.

What's On?..
In addition to the help that is available around Australia, we are now providing information about "What's on" in your area". In this section you will find an overview of relevant functions, workshops, seminars, conferences, events, and anything that may be of interest to depression sufferers and our support networks.
It was Mental Health Week this week (8th – 15th October) and there have been literally hundreds of events held around Australia. We have had details of many of these on depressioNet from states that sent us the information. We have been to a few excellent ones – hope you managed to make a few too!

Special Events Coming Up..
"Solutions for Depression & Panic Attacks" A Free Seminar in Melbourne, 25th October 7pm Hawthorn.
"Moment of Choice" 2-day National conference on defeating depression, drug use, suicide and deliberate self-harm. Sydney 16th to 17th November. Further information on each of these events can be found on the depressioNet.com.au home page.
Let us know of any good resources or functions that are coming up & we can let others know about them.

depressioNet.com.au has been selected in September as a semi-finalist in the Australian Financial Review's Internet Industry Awards in the "Community and/or Special Interest" category. Thanks to all for your feedback – we do listen and it helps us to make depressioNet the site we all need.

What's Been Happening?..

  • The new chat room has finally arrived! It is now much easier and faster to log in. We are planning to follow up soon with a 'roster' so that people can arrange to meet in the chat room at a given time. Particularly while we are still new, it would be great if we can have someone in there as often as possible so that when people do visit, they find someone there and don't just leave. People are missing each other by only a few minutes, because they leave as soon as they see that no one is there. Wait at least a few minutes. In the future, there will be people chatting most of the day and night – until then, hopefully the roster / calendar will make things easier!

  • Genevieve has been working hard tracking down resources for Family & Friends. It can be very hard living with and supporting people with depression and our Family & Friends section has now been upgraded with more resources available for you. We will continue to work on this in the coming months.

  • We have finally made a start on providing information on medications & treatments for depression. Again, this will be continually upgraded, and we are asking for your help with information and comments on different medications and treatments. It does help others to hear about your experiences.

    Monthly Article
    I have been impressed recently by the incredible atmosphere of support and camaraderie that exists in the chat room and on the messageboard. I wrote the following article with a little help from you, 'people like me.' Thanks to Meg and Nigel for your help and support. -Leanne

    People Like Us


  • Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

    If you have a service or product that may be of assistance to people with depression or a related condition, or their support people, please contact us for details on how to be listed or contribute to this site.

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