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Partners In Health

Our thanks to Herron for their generous support of depressioNet.

Visit Herron at:

Call: 1300 659 646
or email

Herron is a company that truly cares about the health and well being of Australians and their support of depressioNet is just one of the many practical ways that they are putting their words into action.

Here you can learn more about Herron and the products they provide for the treatment of depression and related conditions. You can also purchase products online through Herron's online health 'superstore', Healthstream at http://www.healthstream.com.au

About Herron

About Herron

Herron believes that good health uplifts the spirit and energizes friends, family and the community. It allows individuals to grow, learn, create, love and prosper. It allows people to discover strength, ability and potential greatness.

Herron understand the value of good health both to the individual and the community. They know that good health represents an extraordinary asset. Without it, people struggle; friends, family and the community lose. With it, people flourish; everybody gains.

Herron Pharmaceuticals manufacture over-the-counter pharmaceutical and natural healthcare products which it markets throughout Australia, the Middle East, New Zealand, the Pacific, Sri Lanka and Asia. Herron manufactures 900 products at its head office, R&D and manufacturing facility at Tennyson in Brisbane.

A family owned and run business, Herron's constitution is built on family values. The company has a commitment to providing families with quality products at value prices.

Herron is equally well known for its extensive range of natural healthcare products. The company manufactures 75 varieties of vitamins including Vita-minis for children.

All items manufactured by Herron are designed to meet the company's commitment to producing products that enhance quality of life for its consumers so they can enjoy social and physical well being.

The company has a strong community commitment and financially supports the causes of organisations, individuals and Australian athletes.



Below are some of the products that Herron Pharmaceuticals manufacture for the treatment of depression and other related conditions. The Herron website is affiliated with Healthstream where you can purchase some of these products online. These products are also located in most supermarkets, chemists and health food shops.

St John's Wort
St John's Wort has been shown to reduce symptoms of mild to moderate depression and other mood problems including anxiety. Depression is rated in terms of severity (mild, moderate or severe) and is classified according to how frequently it occurs. There have been more than 20 double blind placebo controlled double blind clinical trials of standardised St John's Wort extracts in the treatment of depression. In cases of severe depression standard antidepressant medications remain the most effective option.
GP Factsheet - Treating anxiety and depression. (Prepared by Herron)
Consumer Factsheet - Dealing with anxiety and depression. (Prepared by Herron)

A non-habit forming herb for temporary relief from insomnia and promoting restful sleep.

Gingko Biloba
Ginkgo can assist in improving mental clarity, concentration and cognitive function. It has also has been shown to be effective in improving long and short term (working) memory. Ginkgo is often recommended to older people suffering signs of dementia and has also been shown to slow the progress of Alzheimer's disease.

The natural alternative to HRT. For relief of hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms.
Naturo-pause for Menopause is a herbal and nutrient combination, specifically formulated to assist mature women throughout menopause.

Men's Function Support
For natural endurance and ongoing health support for men.
Mens Function Support is an exceptional combination of herbs and nutrients designed specifically to supports normal male physiology and function and may improve general well being.

Fish oil
Essential fatty acids are known to be useful for the temporary relief of symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome and menstrual pain. Use only as directed and consult your health care professional if pain or symptoms persist.

Mega B
Promotes general well-being. Beneficial during times of increased demand.

Executive B
During times of emotional or physical tension or a demanding lifestyle.

Our emotional balance is directly affected by the ability of our brain to receive and process two neurochemicals, dopamine and serotonin. Depleted levels of these crucial mood regulators can lead to more severe emotional problems. Naturally occurring SAMe helps increase levels of these important chemicals and balance our emotions.

For those times when emotional and/or physical demands are high. This preparation includes specific herbs which may be beneficial during times of stress.

For centuries it has been known that Valerian and Passionflower help you to relax and sleep well, while Kava has been the solution to restlessness and insomnia.
Sleepwell combines all three and the gentle effects of Chamomile and Lemon Balm, to assist in establishing a normal sleeping pattern.

Natrakalm is a high dose calmative herbal formulation for the relief of regular insomnia.
It can also be used throughout the day to take the edge off anxiety. Hilton Healthstream Natrakalm is completely non-addictive and gentle to the system.

Herbal Nerve
When you're crabby or can't cope, Herbal Nerve relieves tension, stress and mild anxiety, enabling you to power on, fearless and stress free.

Sleep Formula
You will sleep well with Sleep Formula - an easy to take homoeopathic formula beneficial for people sensitive to high dose remedies.

For further information on vitamins visit: http://www.herron.com.au/healthcare/vitamins_guide.html for a general reference guide to vitamins and their safe use

To purchase online, visit Healthstream at http://www.healthstream.com.au


The depressioNet Team would like to thank Herron for their generous support!

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