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depressioNet will work in partnership with any organisation that supports the depressioNet philosophy and integrity to reduce the impact of depression and related conditions on the lives of Australians.

While depressioNet is a charitable, 'Not for Profit' organisation, we also offer partnership opportunities based on the provision of services of value. You will find an overview of some of the many ways depressioNet can work with you to our mutual benefit and most importantly, for the benefit of people living with depression.

We are always looking for innovative ways to ensure the independence of depressioNet and welcome any suggestions and proposals.

Contact Details
PO Box 2375
Richmond, 3121

Phone: 03 9228 2229
Fax: 03 9428 3339
ACN: 100 862 477

What depressioNet can offer your organisation!

Employee Health & Wellbeing Programs

Research Program Assistance

Dissemination of Information

Website Consultancy

Online Purchasing

Promotional Opportunities

Corporate Image & Recognition



Depression is the world's leading cause of disability and mental illnesses make up five of the ten leading causes of disability worldwide. These figures are indicative of the situation in Australia and the cost to industry is enormous. Much of this cost is currently hidden as employees are reluctant to identify depression and associated conditions as the cause of absenteeism due to the stigma that exists in the community and workplace.

As well as absenteeism, depression also significantly impacts productivity of people at work. There are many people with mild to moderate depression who make it to work each day and continue to carry out their daily lives with depression an ever present companion.

By getting help and appropriate treatment for depression when it is the mild or moderate phase, major depression can usually be avoided. There are many options that people are largely unaware of, for treating depression early, improving general health and well being and preventing recurrences of the illness. depressioNet offers a unique program to significantly reduce the impact of depression on your people and your workplace.

By addressing the fundamental issues that make depression different from other illnesses and people far less likely to seek help and treatment, depressioNet is able to work with you and your people to increase the proportion of people who seek treatment, help and support, in a way that traditional Employee Assistance Programs are unable.

Families & Friends
And it is not just the health and well being of your employees that impact on their productivity! Having a family member or close friend with depression can also significantly impact on our worklives.

No-one wants to have depression. Being able to be productive and continue working to the best of our ability are major concerns for most people with depression. These concerns add to the difficulties involved in treating depression and traditional programs just don't recognise the uniqueness of the illness that is depression and address those areas that ultimately make a difference.

Our Program
Utilising the anonymity of the Internet as the initial contact point, depressioNet provides a safe and confidential means for your people to:

    1. obtain information, understanding and support
    2. communicate with others who understand and with whom they can relate
    3. learn of other's experiences and how treatment can help
    4. find options and quality resources for treatment and support
    5. ask questions and be reassured and supported on the road to recovery
depressioNet has the capacity to impact on your absenteeism rates here and now by providing your people with the individual help and support they need in the manner in which they need it.

In addition to the service we provide to all Australians, depressioNet has developed a program to work with business to improve the health and well-being of employees. We will work with you to tailor this program to your particular business and people's needs. The depressioNet program can be easily integrated into your Employee Assistance Program to add value to your current initiatives and improve their effectiveness.

Further Information
To find out more about how depressioNet can help your organisation reduce absenteeism and improve productivity by helping your people...
Phone: (03) 9898 9165
email: eap@depressionet.com.au



depressioNet is committed to assisting research into all aspects of depression and related conditions with our 'help them to help us' approach.
We can help your research by providing:

  • Assistance with recruitment for any relevant research. The independent, trustworthy and confidential nature of depressioNet provides access to a segment of the community who do not self-identify and hence are otherwise inaccessible.
  • A platform for relevant research results to be available to the general public – including health professionals – in a timely and efficient manner.


Australians are taking a more active role in the management of their own health.
We receive positive feedback regarding the depth, quality and balanced and objective nature of the information provided on depressioNet.com.au.from the general public and health care professionals.

depressioNet.com.au presents an opportunity for you to facilitate Australians receiving accurate factual information on a broad range of related issues.



depressioNet.com.au was selected as a Finalist in the Australian Financial Review Australian Internet Awards 2000.

We are able to help you with any and all aspects of your website, from beginning to end and everything in between! We focus strongly useability for the people who will be visiting your website and ensuring that your site is designed so that it achieves your paticular aims.

We can provide this either as part of a partnership arrangement or as an individual service. We are also committed to providing low cost, high quality services for other organisations who provide services to Australians with depression and related conditions.


depressioNet is keen to be able to go the next step and not only provide information about products that may be helpful to Australians with depression and associated conditions, but to be able to offer direct access to the purchase of these products. This will be particularly helpful to the many thousands of visitors who live in rural and remote areas of Australia.

If you have a product that may be of help to people with depression and/or their families and friends, we are happy to make this available to Australians via the Internet with the possibility of having relevant products available through depressioNet eCommerce functionality when this is available. This is directly in line with depressioNet's one-stop resource philosophy.



Partnership with depressioNet clearly supports a positioning for your company as a company that cares about the health and well being of Australians.

Partnership with depressioNet will provide ongoing visibility for your company both within the community and the health care industry. With General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and many others recommending depressioNet.com.au to their patients and each other, your support of depressioNet.com.au will be positively received by the medical community.

As a Partner of depressioNet, your company will benefit from the following promotional opportunities:

  • Ability to promote partnership with of depressioNet to the medical profession, the broader health care industry and to the general public;
  • Ability to promote partnership with depressioNet within your company;
  • Your company will have a page within depressioNet.com.au acknowledging your support for Australians with depression and associated conditions. This page can contain information about your company that may be of interest to the community including support provided for community projects and can be linked to your company website.
  • Inclusion on the depressioNet Corporate Sponsor page with your company logo linking through to your page within depressioNet;
  • Ability to include any relevant events or functions being held or supported by your company in the 'What's On' Section of depressioNet.



Sponsorship of depressioNet clearly supports a positioning for your company as:

    1. A company who cares about the health and wellbeing of all Australians.
    With depression as one of the most common health issues, sponsorship of depressioNet is a way of supporting Australians from all walks of life.

    2. An 'employer of choice'.
    Depression and associated conditions are major issues for many workers.
    Sponsorship of depressioNet demonstrates a commitment by your company to the health and well being of your people and their families.

    Through sponsorship and partnership with depressioNet, your company is demonstrating an understanding of the issues facing your employees and a willingness to provide creative, relevant, and practical assistance.


    Visitors to depressioNet provide an enormous amount of feedback on a range of issues relating to depression and associated conditions. We receive a large number of independent communications regarding the quality and effectiveness of treatments and therapies.

    As a sponsor of depressioNet we are happy to seek the approval of respondents to pass any relevant feedback on to your company. Where the respondent wishes to remain anonymous, we are happy to certify that the feedback is genuine.


Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

If you have a service or product that may be of assistance to people with depression or a related condition, or their support people, please contact us for details on how to be listed or contribute to this site.

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