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Partners In Health Sun Microsystems

Our thanks to Sun Microsystems for their generous support of depressioNet.

Sun Microsystems have provided depressioNet with five servers. These servers will support the depressioNet.com.au website and the new Health-e-People system that will help us to continue to provide the highest quality online information, help and 24-hour support resource for people living with depression.

The Health-e-People system is a web based content, email, caller, data, customer and business management system. (No it doesn't do the ironing, but that's about all it doesn't do! )  It has been developed by a consortium consisting of DIRS, depressioNet, Hyperdrive Technologies and Mensline Australia, based on the needs of Mensline Australia and depressioNet, with the assistance of an ITOL grant from NOIE.

As an unfunded, independent charity, depressioNet relies heavily on donations and in kind support.
With over 12,000 people coming to depressioNet.com.au each week and providing personalised 24 hour care via email and our online communication forums (messageboard and chat),we have long been in need of the systems to support our content management and service delivery.   As we were able to input our requirements into the development of the Health-e-People system, it meets all our system support needs and provides a range of additional features that will improve the quality of the services we provide, our support for the wonderful team of volunteers who keep depressioNet alive as well as provide a range of additional benefits that will help us to grow and improve while becoming increasingly efficient - hence keeping costs down!

Sun's contribution of the Servers has enabled depressioNet to take part in this project and to receive the many benefits the Health-e-People system provides. Importantly, they also provide the scalability to ensure that as depressioNet growns and the numbers of people who come each week for the unique depressioNet 24-hour information help and support increase, we will be able to sustain the high quality and responsiveness of the online services we provide today.

Sun offer a range of products and services and are recognised leaders in the fields of Network servers, data storage systems, engineering workstations, desktop appliances, microelectronics, software systems, e-commerce applications, cross-platform technologies, consulting, support services and training.

Sun's driving vision is one in which technology works for you, not the other way around. This philosophy is essential for people struggling with the challenges of an illness to benefit from the anonymity and accessibility of the online environment. The technology Sun has generously donated to depressioNet supports us in working to support you.

On behalf of all Australians living with depression, we are deeply grateful to Sun for their support and happy to invite you to learn more about Sun, their products and the work they do at : http://www.sun.com.au


Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

If you have a service or product that may be of assistance to people with depression or a related condition, or their support people, please contact us for details on how to be listed or contribute to this site.

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