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depressioNet Major Supporter

"Wyeth is a research driven, innovative healthcare company dedicated to developing and providing medicines that lead the way to a healthier world."   - from http://www.wyeth.com.au

Wyeth Australia were depressioNet's first corporate supporter and continue to provide much needed financial support.

The team at Wyeth recognised the value of depressioNet.com.au to people living with depression when we were still very young and very new. Without their support in the early days, depressioNet.com.au would not be here today.

Wyeth is an organisation that we are proud to be associated with. The depression and anxiety Team at Wyeth are wonderful 'people like us' and posses an integrity and a genuine care for the people that are strongly aligned with that of depressioNet.

As such, the team at depressioNet is very happy to provide assistance to Wyeth in the work they do for 'people like us':

1. depressioNet's founder, Leanne, is on the editorial board of the Yes to Life website provided by Wyeth for people living with depression and generalised anxiety disorder. She provides input and assistance regarding design and useability, as well as a 'people like us' perspective. Through being a part of the Yes to Life Editorial Board, Leanne has had the opportunity to get to know some wonderful medical experts in depression who also help us help our visitors to depressioNet.

2. Many of the people you will hear speak on the Yes to Life website are or were depressioNet visitors. When Wyeth were developing the Yes to Life site, they asked for our help to find people who were comfortable sharing with others. A number of depressioNet visitors volunteered and provided valuable input both for the website and for the people who visit it.

3. Sales Team Training
Wyeth believe that it is important that their team who visit doctors and provide support materials etc have an understanding of the issues for 'people like us'. They seek to understand the needs of the end users of their products and to help our medical professionals to understand our needs to. Leanne shares her understanding and experiences both as a person living with depression and through her involvement with depressioNet, with the Wyeth Team.

4. GP Education
Helping Medical Professionals understand more about depression and anxiety and helping them to help us is an ongoing priority for Wyeth. They provide ongoing education through a number of programs and initiatives and often ask depressioNet to contribute and take part to help our medical professionals learn and understand more about the issues and challenges for their patients and how they can help.

Wyeth also provide a number of quality support materials for people living with depression and anxiety. We have information about these on depressioNet at Road to Recovery.


Contact Details

Wyeth Australia Pty Limited.

Locked Bag 5002,
Baulkham Hills BC
NSW 2153,

Ph: (02) 8850 8200
Fax: (02) 9023 0000


Let Wyeth know that you appreciate their support for depressioNet and People Like Us.

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