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The Geelong Clinic is another of the group of Healthscope private hospitals that provide treatment and clinical care to people experiencing emotional and mental health problems.

As well as providing quality inpatient care, The Geelong Clinic run day programs for Depression and a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for war veterans. You can also visit The Geelong Clinic Website.

As part of the Healthscope group of hospitals, all staff at The Geelong Clinic are committed to providing the highest standard of care in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment, both for us and our families. The Geelong Clinic offers inpatient and day programs staffed by a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, nurses, psychologists and social workers.

From individual counselling to group therapy, our care is delivered in a variety of settings and uses a range of therapeutic models including cognitive behavioural therapy, group and individual psychotherapy and skills development.

Located near the centre of Geelong, with access to public transport, our Clinic has a number of accredited psychiatrists and a multidisciplinary team including doctors, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers. Our programs are aimed at helping people improve their emotional and psychological well-being.

Inpatient Program
Day Programs
Facilities And Amenities

The Geelong Clinic
98 Townsend Road,
St Albans Park, VIC

Tel: (03) 5248 1155
Fax: (03) 5248 4852

Website: http://www.healthscope.com.au


We provide inpatient care to people suffering from psychiatric disorders such as addiction, depression, schizophrenia, mood disorders, panic and anxiety disorders. Patients are admitted under the supervision of a consultant psychiatrist.

Our programs are both structured and at the same time flexible to meet individual need. On admission, our team assesses each individual and a personal treatment plan is developed.


Our day program services are available for people who may require treatment without hospitalization or those who require transitional care following an inpatient stay.

Addictive Behaviours Program
The Addictive Behaviours Program at The Geelong Clinic provides a multifaceted approach to the treatment of addiction through the provision of an assessment service, support group and an inpatient substance withdrawal program. The aim of the program is to help clients make lifestyle changes and learn strategies to cope with high risk and diffi cult situations.

Anxiety Management Program
This evening program provides intensive and proven treatment in the management of anxiety.

The group is led by an experienced therapist who guides participants through a series of treatment sessions that are outlined in comprehensive, take-home workbooks.

We draw on techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy to help people reduce their anxiety, panic or stress, tackle unrealistic thinking and change their behaviour.

Continuing Care Day Program
This program provides ongoing support for patients discharged from our inpatient program as well as for patients requiring day program support only. It aims to foster confi dence and independence using a variety of interactive processes. Topics include goal setting, assertiveness, relationships, self esteem, positive thinking, yoga, relaxation and other activities including a therapeutic social component.

Psychiatry for Older People (POP)
The POP service provides psychiatric services to people experiencing mental health problems in later life. It is a receiving unit for the treatment of patients aged 65 years and over and patients can either be admitted under the care of an Old Age Psychiatrist attached to the program or directly referred by their own psychiatrist or G.P.


The Geelong Clinic is a stand alone facility with private consulting suites. It is set in quiet surroundings with a central courtyard. There are both private rooms with ensuites and 2 bed ward accommodation. The rooms are light and spacious.


Referrals can be made through a general practitioner or through the Clinic's consultant psychiatrists

To be admitted to our programs, you will need to ask your general practitioner for a referral to The Geelong Clinic or one of our accredited psychiatrists. For further details, please contact The Geelong Clinic on (03) 5248 1155.


For many people it can be a big step to enter hospital for care and treatment, or to attend an outpatient program to help with specific challenges. Being able to read about other people's experiences can really help.

If you have been a patient at The Geelong Clinic or attended any of their programs,
please send us your feedback so we can share it with others here.

Remember that psychiatric hospitals in general, and private hospitals in particular, offer a far different experience from days gone by. The Geelong Clinic is definitely worth considering as an option to help you on the road to recovery.
The Team here at depressioNet are always very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Page Updated: 02/03/2004


Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

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