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Homoeopathy is a therapeutic method which clinically applies active substances in infinitesimal doses.

Homoeopathy medicines are not habit forming and do not produce unwanted side effects. They work gently, often rapidly, on the patient with a curative end result.

Homoeopathic medicines, or remedies, are made from naturally occurring plant, animal, and mineral substances. Homoeopathy was formulated from an experience where using a naturally occurring cure for an illness also made a healthy person experience the same symptoms of the illness. The conclusion of this experience was that there were "similars", or "like cures", where a substance that can cause certain symptoms when given to a healthy person can cure those same symptoms in someone who is sick.

Homoeopathy is used to treat both acute and chronic health problems as well as for health prevention and promotion in healthy people. Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of a wide constellation of physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. The one remedy that most closely fits all of the symptoms of a given individual is called the similimum for that person. Thus, homoeopathic treatment is individualised, and two or more people with the same diagnosis may be given different medicines, depending on the specific symptoms of illness in each person.

Many experiments have followed after the discovery of homoeopathic medicine, one of these includes diluting the homoeopathic medicine using an alcohol -water substance. Diluting the homoeopathic medicine means that the side-effects of the medicine are decreased, and although it has been a speculative process there are proposals that suggest that there is an electromagnetic energy that exists after dilution.

Some clinical trials have shown endless possibilities to homoeopathic treatment, in things such as; fibrositis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis.

The cost effectiveness of homoeopathic treatment is still being investigated for things such as; arthritis, headaches, depression, and asthma.

by people who have been using Homoeopathy.

Please send us your comments and experiences with Homoeopathy to share with others.

I find this modality a valuable tool.

I believe that many times the remedies have helped deal with situation or state of mind we find overselves in. It is very useful for postnatal depression.

The finding of the remedy and exploring the origins is also therapeutic. It requires sensitivity and insight. It also takes a commitment as the remedy may not be found first time. The modality heals state and removes emotional blocks that get in way of counselling.

The modality is extremely useful in other areas ,eg viral illness trauma, and many other areas.

It is wise to ensure practitioner is a recognized member of an association which ensures standards, i.e. AHA, AROH.


I tried zoloft and it only made me feel worse. With homeopathy I was able to treat each individual symptom of my depression and anxiety until I found overall relief. And the whole process only took a couple of months.


I've been suffering from severe depression for the last 8 months. I've been taking Aropax for 5 months and no improvemnet has been noticed. I am much happier with homeopathy and kinesiology.

The factual information on this page was compiled from:
Healthlinks. Net (http://www.healthlinks.net/)

Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

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