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Below are some comments sent in by people. We now have a special messageboard for treatments where you can read comments, questions and replies about various treatments people have used.
Please send us your comments and experiences with Aropax to share with others.

From The Visitors To depressioNet

I take 3x tablets per day , it helps but never seems to get to the root of my problem. It's just a tease , I feel I want to increase my dosage but am scared I will just carry on doing it , Istarted on 20mg and now am on 60 mg , although it helps me cope , the original problems ie p/d depression ptsd. do not go away.


I had immense difficulty to get to sleep and life became impossible for me to hold a job, as I was very tired 3 hours after I woke up. I was frustrated, tired, and felt life was miserable, at the time when my marriage fell apart.

My GP prescribed Aropax to me and it immeiately gave me the relief I needed to get to sleep. I stopped to wean off Aropax after 5 months, but as I was too hurried, it was not successful. I felt dizzy all day and night.

After a few more months, I became more careful in weaning off Aropax and became successful.

Some marriage problems provoked me to take Aropax again, as I could not get proper sleep for 2 months whilst I was not on Aropax. When I started Aropax again, the relief was instant and I was forever thankful for such a wonderful drug. I do not have any other symptoms and dizziness is my only withdrawal symptom. I do not have any side effect, either. I wish I knew about this drug 10 years ago as I had the depression symptoms then.

Thank you for reading my story.


I have been on Aropax for 5 years, 15mg, 3/4 a pill, after I was diagnosed with severe PTSD from adult sexual assault from a stranger. The PTSD symptoms appeared only 3 years after the rape. I heavily researched Arapax B4 going on, and was recommended by 3 doctors, esp for my case, but didn't go on until I left my car running w the keys in it, in the Cross and forot about it!! My friends said it was time to go on the medication. It cleared up most problems that were physical, esp allowing me to sleep. But I was told and have always read, that it should be taken in conjunction with therapy, which I did. Strangely in none of the reports from other people, do they say they inc therapy!!!

Now after 5 years, I feel i have resolved most of the rape issues, and friends who had been on Aropx said it made it difficult to get out of bed, so that's why I had that problem?? So thought it was time to cut back. The first week I alternatd 3/4, 1/2. 3/4. I felt strange already after a few days, was doing things out of character, couldn't sleep, nitemares, nite sweats. I'm nearly at the 4 week point of 1/2, AND I STILL FEEL LIKE SHIT!!!! In fact today it got worse, tingling on the bottom of my feet, a knot in my stomach. I've had all the other symptoms that poeople have mentioned, nausea, diahirea, muscle pain, dizziness when move head quickly,chills,headaches. I haven't had much of a life in the last 4 weeks, and that's with cutting back only from 3/4 to 1/2!!!!!!!! And I have studied stress management inside out for the past years, so have all the physical and mental coping techniques. Even with remaining mindful of this being withdrawal, it's awful.

And the bloody GP just refills the script, and it's been diferent ones, without asking any questions!!!!!!!!!! B4 I checked these chat lines, I had no idea what I was up for!!!!!

What can WE do about this?????????? To the bloody drug companies?????????? However, I have 2 friends who have been on Aropax with no withdrawal problems, but I think we should at least be warned it is a possibility!!!!!!!


I have taken 20mg of Aropax for the last seven years. I was originally prescribed it for anxiety and panic attacks.I have decided that I am at a stage in my life where I do not require this medication any longer. I feel that while it has kept anxiety and panic attacks at bay it has done this at the expense of my feeling any real emotion.

I have had three successful pregnancies while on Aropax. My third child was jittery for about 4 days after he was born which was put down to the Aropax.

I have tried to wean off Aropax before by taking only 10mg per day but had terrible withdrawal symptoms so about 7 days ago I decided to stop taking it all together as I want it out of my system asap and withdrawal symptoms go tend to go hand in hand with however you withdraw from it.

In withdrawing I have experienced feelings of rage, bouts of crying, severe vertigo, extreme sensory sensitivity. I am now on day 7 and either these symptoms are not as strong as what they were or I am becoming more used to living with them. I have thought about going to my Dr with these symptoms but feel that these symptoms would be put back at me being anxious or panicky when I strongly feel this is not the case at all but rather the case of my brain craving the drug.

To help cope with the withdrawal I have tried to keep busy( not hard with 3 kids under 6yrs) and when not busy tried to sleep as much as possible.

If my doctor had advised that I could suffer from these withdrawal symptoms I would never have taken them all those years ago. I feel that not enough information is given to the patient and Drs become like Gods deciding what is best without unbiased consultation. OO Gee maybe I should add paranoia to my list too. Ha Ha

I am determined not to go back on Aropax but if I feel panicky etc to find different ways to deal with my emotions in a more positive constructive way.

I am stronger that this bloody drug and will not let it beat me!!!!

I understand that this drug does and has helped a lot of people (even me) but I think consumer awareness for all aspects of this drug needs to be raised.


I have been off aropax now for 5 months... and I will say that coming off them was not the breeze that the doctors said it would be. At about month 3 I was very nearly going to go back onto aropax because I felt like the depression that I had was by far the worst depression I'd ever had... even worse than the initial bought that I started taking aropax for.. I felt like that if I could stop breathing that it would be best.. not that I'm saying I wanted to kill myself... just to go to sleep and not wake up would have been better than the hell of coming off aropax. I actually stumbled across this web site http://members.rogers.com/paxilfree/Opening.html - cached. (At the moment he is updating all his info) and it helped me to see that there is light at the end off the tunnel. And that the tunnel is not only a week long or even week long but it could be as long as a year. So what I'm actually getting at isdon't give up.. what this site is, is an account of a persons ordeals and feelings, side effects, thoughts and lots more about his battle coming off aropax. To see that someone else went through what I went through and that they had some of theside effect, thoughtsand feelings was "such" a relief and an encouragement to me to just keep plodding on and not to go back to taking something that I so very much didn't want to have to rely on.Have a look at this site and take heart that things can and will get better. I hope I don't soundto smug in saying that.I still have bad days believe me... but those days are getting fewer and fewer. I also went to a naturopath and she gave me some "rescue remedy " which is totally herbal... and you know what it works. When you are feeling edgy just take a couple of drops every ten mins until you are back in control. I did doa lot of writing to myself also aboutmy issues and how they effected me ...talking to someone (even if it is yourself or a piece of paper) I feel is crucial to getter back on your feet... youlance a boil to start it healing.... lance your feelings and start to heal...

Please all take care and stay safe... I wish everyone the best for xmas and the new year...


I took aropax for about 1 year around five years ago for depression. It did stop mefeeling so down that I could actually go to work but instead of feeling down I becamefrustrated, easily annoyed and developed a short temper.I stopped taking them cold turkey and had no other side effects. I dont know what was worse depression or frustration. I have become a born again christian since then and the Lord had totally healed me from this affliction as well as drug addiction. God is better than drug companies and he never lies.


I am finding Aropax to be the best thing to happen to me. I was feeling down and was letting the slightest things bother me. I had the usual side effects, which did go away within about 10 days. The only side effect I am not happy with is I have put on weight and am finding it a battle to lose it. Over all, I would say, try this medication because there is a light at the end of the tunnel, why not enjoy quality of life!!!


Having suffered from obssessive compulsive disorder during my teenage years and ongoing depressionfor as long as I can remember,(I am now 55 years old), I was recommended Aropax by my doctor after he quizzed me regarding my family historywhich lists a number of suicides. I have now been on Aropax daily for the past 4 years and it has transformed my life. It has brought me into the normal range of emotions rather than those that are excessive. I have not had any side effects and it has improved the quality of my life beyond measure. I only wish that I had known about it sooner.


I have taken antidepressants for almost 30 years, the bulk of my adult life. A nervous breakdown in 1973 saw Tryptanol and Valium prescribed. The Tryptanol was extremely sedating and consequently the struggle to work meant a lot of sleepy weekends. I weened myself off over the next eight years and was completely free of any antidepressants for over 12 months. Recurring malarial attacks concurrent with re-entry to a teaching role saw another breakdown in 1983. I was on another, non-sedating, antidrepressant, as well as Serapax, for a couple of years until it was withdrawn from the market. I then went onto Zoloft with immediate success, fluctuating the dosage between 50 – 150mg over a period of 12 or more years. By 2002, however, the Zoloft wasn’t as successful [later diagnosis of Stage 2 diabetes may have been an unknown, contributing factor]. A switch to Avanza was a scary experience, resulting in severe disorientation and confused thoughts. These may have come good after time but I wasn’t prepared to chance it. Aropax worked well, possibly making me more cocooned and remote but proved a very able buffer against breaking. The drawback was an almost total loss of libido, some erectile disfunction and an inability to climax or ejaculate. This made the situation untenable.

In July 2004 I went off Aropax cold, although I kept on a small dose of Serapax. The only symptom was a feeling of pressure in part of the skull during the first week. The second week of withdrawal saw my libido return, but also sensitivity to noise, coldness and pain. I became aggitated and easily frustrated, dizzy, had extreme mood swings - from tears to rage and some disorientation. I developed itchiness and experienced vivid dreams and racing thoughts. Physical effort was unduly exhausting and I became more communicative but also more conscious of my surroundings and had to avoid making too meaningful an eye contact with strangers in the street.

After a fortnight’s lapse, at the suggestion of my psychiatrist, I have gone onto Lexapro, a 5mg dose to begin with. The first symptom was a ‘different’ pressure area inside my skull. Within 30-odd hours it felt as if I had hay fever – running eyes and nose, itching and red eyes. Through the second night this progressed to flu symptoms; my blood pressure became slightly higher, my pulse rate dropped 20 beats per minute and my temperature feel below 36 celsius. Some irritability and mood swings remain. Through the next 12 hours my pulse rate had almost returned to normal and my temperature was a fraction high and my blood pressure still high but at a moderate level. The third day my pulse, blood pressure and temperature remain as they have been. Irritability and mood swings are subsiding and I feel much more settled and ‘normal’ although still more aware and engaged with my surroundings than I am used to – there is still possibly further ‘cocooning’ to come.


I’ve been on Aropax for 2 years and “one a day keeps the hospital away”. I’m 49 and my attacks are particularly severe. The last one romantically floored me for 8 hours and sweated 5 kg’s. The one before that air ambulanced me round Kilimanjaro. The one before that was transatlantic. Now nothing. WOW! The side effects are zero, considering.


I have been off and on Aropax for the last 7 years. It has served me very well during this time. It has pulled me out of my most depressed suicidal state at 19 and since then, each depressive spell is less intense. It makes me feel a bit drugged at first but soon the feeling goes. It has made me very outgoing when I tend to battle with shyness.It has stopped my panic attacks permanently! Curiously, it has helped me perform mentally by giving me a certain edge eg. i can think rapidly so come up with answers on the spot, helped me do mathematical calculations much quicker. (I have read something to suggest that it can improve congnitive function.) Better than my 'normal' state even! Has anyone noticed this too?

I could do without the nil sex drive. That sucks, though it seems better each time I take it. Occassional night sweats. Sleep is different. Periods of tiredness through to feeling awake throughout the day. The bouts of tiredness can get annoying. I haven't had any negative effects coming off them as I wean myself down very carefully. I have only taken one per day. I hope that this is of some benefit.


I have been taking aropax for some 3-4 years now and I must say I have felt decidedly better since taking it. I am not sure if any weight gain has been associated with taking aropax or whether it has been just less exercise than I used to do. My libido has fluctuated and I suggest that I can contribute that to the aropax.

Overall I believe that the benefits have been great although I am considering whether how long I should remain on them. I am taking l tablet per day.


I have been taking aropax for 4 years. I went on them after having a major panic attack... while driving.

Aropax have helped me have time out. basically they gave me time out from any extreme emotions,all of my emotions becamesoft. which in itself can be abit concerning but it didgive me time to get my head around issues that had gotten me to the place where I needed to take anti-depressants. I did go to counselling before I went onto aropax and that didhelp but at the time it wasn't enough.

I will say that I was also lucky enough to be able to get into an environment that was conducive to healing. for me this was the bush.... I was born and raised in a small nswcountry town and having returned here has helped me enormously. I think that it is very important for all of us(if possible) to find a peaceful place to surround ourselves with while we are healing.and with the help of medication deal with our issues. we all seem to think that the aropax will make us better on it's own. it won't because that was what I waited for. we do have to help it for it to help us. so aropax and environment have helped me immensely.

Down side of aropax is it hasn't helped my sex life.... what's that... I know I used to enjoy it but it's something I very rarely even think about unless my poor partner reminds me about it.... I am lucky in that she loves me and tries very hard to understand and I have gained 40kgs.

The part that I'm finding hard is coming off aropax. I have slowly over 2 & 1/2 years come down from taking 2 tabs a day to a stage of taking only 1/4 for the last 3 months and I have infact just taken the step of not taking any at all (2 days ago). and it isn't easy... mainly because of the side effects... head shocks, nausea, irritability and the main part that is hard is the having tolearn how to respond to emotions again and not letemotions frighten me back into taking aropax again... because it would be very easy to give in and just stay save in the cloud of unemotional bliss. I am also experiencing very bad joint pain and tiredness. I think the tiredness is because a day can be draining dealing with emotions. but I am enjoying the blinkers coming off and seeing life again in a positive way...

So thanks aropax.... but hopefully I won'tbe needing you anymore........


my life in many ways, I tried many different natural medicines and tried a lot of counselling because I didnt want to go on any drug. I wanted to get better and live a normal life, but I was scared, I had heard so much negative feedback about antidepresants.

There came a time in my life where I had been through so much stress and worry from living with my own fears as well as going back in to a relationship that was not good for me because he was the father of my child, he was emotionaly abusing me there came a time where I knew I had to get help, I was afraid I was going to take my own life and knew I couldn't do that, my son needs me, so I went to the doctor and was prescribed aropax I never looked back I felt better within days.

I never went back to my ex and moved forward to a anxiety free life.I take two tablets a day and find that dosage works well for me,I do suffer with anxiety still at times but I can cope, its been two years now I have tried to wean off aropax with my doctors help but was unsuccsesful due to side effects, that's what scares me now, coming off aropax. The only side effect I have with aropax is some night sweats and not much sex drive, but I'm not practising sex so it dosen't bother me.


I would like to thank the makers of Aropax for giving me back my life. 2 years ago I was suffering panic attacks on a daily basis and often multiple times a day. I was in the middle of launching a new project at the time with a major corporation and the panic attacks would often strike during very important meetings. I soon found myself avoiding or canceling meetings, calling in sick to work and rarely leaving my home. I was a week or two shy of becoming fully agoraphobic. My Doctor put me on Aropax and I haven't looked back. I kept my job and my friends and now can proudly state that I am rarely home. Thank you so much for such a wonderful drug. I am calm and experience a normal level of emotions and I would say if have had only 3 4 panic attacks in the last 2 years.


I was unfortunate to have ever been prescribed Aropax. In February 2001 I began taking Aropax 1/2 tablet per day. I continued for two years at the same dosage. I found that it changed my personality completely. I felt a stranger in the body that was acting in a foreign way to me. My new doctor was horrified that I had ever been prescribed such a dangerous drug - he would never prescribe it for anyone. I have had a very hard time even with his help coming off Aropax and now I find that it has caused problems such as serious Restless Leg Syndrome.


I have just been viewing the articles written by people suffering depression and starting on the antidepressant Aropax. I am so thrilled to have come across this site. I have been on Aropax, again, for about 4 months now, but have been on Aropax previously for about 1 year. I have just completed a Panic Disorder/Depression group back in Nov/Dec 2003 through my family doctor who has been fantastic. I met 3 other ladies all suffering the same sort of illness. I feel like I've found 3 real friends! For the first time since suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and depression I actually felt that somebody understood exactly how I felt.

My doctor has been wonderful and very supportive and the clinical mental health nurse and Psychologist who were all present at the course were so caring and understanding. For the first time I feel comfortable to admit that I do suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression.

I first was diagnosed with depression about 3 years ago. I am 35, married with 2 children, a girl 9 and boy 7. I have always been an anxious person living with a father who fought in the Vietnam War and living with his severe post-war problems all of my childhood. I have always been an anxious person but only realised it was so severe after having my children. I was always anxious whenever I took them out. I always worried about everything from bills, mortgage, kids, marriage, etc,etc. I was also abused as a child by a neighbour. I did not have any decent friends in primary or high school and I was always the "odd one out". I was always the child who would sit out of games, etc, if I could find a good enough excuse. Even sports days at school I would try and find an excuse not to participate.

Since taking Aropax this third time in my life and accepting the problems that I have and actually sharing them with only very close friends I have learned to cope much better. I have not had any loss of libido from being on the Aropax. I did, however, suffer from very serious side effects when I tried to cut down my Aropax to 1/2 tablet. I have always been on 20mg but after a few months decided to cut down to 1 tablet every 2nd day and then down to 1/2 tablet every second day. I suffered severe anxiety and also I believe that I suffered a Trans Ischaemic Attack as I could not focus, concentrate and could not breathe properly. I had visited someone who I did not know very well with another friend and I was totally embarrassed. I was asked a simple question, eg."so where does your husband work and what do you do?" and I totally freaked out and I couldn't speak and I couldn't breathe and I couldn't concentrate. The words all came out wrong and slurred. I was so frightened and embarrassed I didn't know what to do. The people noticed but didn't say anything. When I finally got in to see my GP she said it was the Aropax and cutting down to 1/2 tablet.

I thought I was free of taking any more medications but after the episode I had experienced realised that I had to re-start the Aropax all over again. I find that even when I first start taking the Aropax I have severe side effects. I feel sick and I feel like I just want to run and hide. I feel anxious. But once the Aropax "kicks in" after 2 weeks I realise that it is much better to be on the Aropax rather than be without it.I also suffer from Agrophobia so it helps me socially. I sometimes feel that they are addictive because I often wonder how I will cope without them. I have tried 3 times now to come off Aropax without any success. I have resorted to the fact that I may be on them now for quite a long time. I don't like it but I have come to accept it.

I used to feel like a failure but now I realise that with the right help from my GP and a few close friends and reading books about my illness that I will get through this. I do not tell many people because I knowsome people do not understand at all how I am feeling. It's only people that have experienced the same symptoms that I can trust to tell about my own symptoms. I don't trust a lot of people anyway. My husband is supportive. I hate feeling the way I do but it's better to accept what I have than try and run from it. Running from the symptoms only makes them worse!!!


I take 5 of these per day.

Sleep is a bit ordinary, but it has been for a while.

Personaly, I would care less if I had to triple this dose per day, if it kept me well.

I think I have improved with 5. Lets wait and see. Its a taxing illness.

You want might try a little bit of Lumin/Tolvon if you have reduced sex drive.


I have been on 1/4 atablet of aropax for about two weeks and have noticed a huge difference. I suffer from generalised anxiety disorder and this medication helps to make my stress and worrying less. I have noticed no side effects


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