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SAM-e is S-adenosylmethionine a compound which occurs naturally in our bodies where it is made from methionine, an amino acid found in protein-rich foods.

SAM-e Information by Dr Catherine Delin, depressioNet

We also have two articles from independent sources in the USA:
SAM-e by Mood Disorders Group NY
SAMe Article by Nutritional Weight & Wellness
S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) for Treatment of Depression
Written by: Barak Gaster
Published in: Alternative Medicine Alert
December 1999, Volume 2: 133-135
(c) 2002 Thomson American Health Consultants. All rights reserved.
Visit: http://www.altmednet.com for more information

SAM-e is now available in Australia in both full strength and homeopathic products.

Products and where to purchase
A Visitor's Comparison of Products
Visitor Feedback & Comments on SAMe

From Dr Catherine Delin...
Although there is much more research about SAM-e needing to be done, it seems that, among other roles, it might help maintain cell-membranes, remove toxic substances from the body, and act as a chemical messenger to regulate the level of melatonin secreted by the pineal gland. SAM-e is a major source of methyl groups in the brain. It has been used in Europe for 20 years for the treatment of arthritis and depression.

It was first used as an antidepressant, but patients began to report that their joint pains had also improved.

One researcher has gathered a large number of the studies of the effects of SAM-e together to determine how effective it is against depression. SAM-e proved to be more effective than a placebo (sugar pill), and at least as effective as a tricyclic antidepressant in helping depression (Bressa, 1994, in Acta Neurologica Scandinavica Supplement).

It seems to have few side-effects and to act quickly.

Some US researchers gave 195 patients 400 mg a day for 15 days and found that depressive symptoms improved at Days 7 and 15 (Fava et al., 1995, in Psychiatry Research). However, they gave the drug parenterally, that is, not by mouth. They, among others, argue for more research into the possible use of SAM-e for depression.

Two points worth noting...
1. SAM-e is not recommended for use by people with bi-polar disorder, and
2. SAM-e should not be taken if you are on anti-depressant medication.

As always, please be sure to discuss any treatment with your doctor.



SAM-e is now available in Australia in both full strength and homeopathic products.

You can purchase SAM-e online through
or click hereto go directly to Healthstreams SAMe page.
The Healthstream Product is only currently available for purchase online.

One of our visitors has sent through some research she has done into products to share with you.

by people who have been using SAMe.

I would just like to add some helpful info that might be included on the SAM-e page regarding availability. I noticed most of the messages mentioned the high cost of Naturopathica Mood Lift, and one more option, Hilton Healthstream..(which I didn't know about till visiting your site.)

Happily, I found that ePharmacy (http://www.epharmacy.com.au) have Moodlift at much cheaper prices than Naturopathica itself... $30 instead of $40 - 25% less! I have found this to be true of all products they offer, always less than retail and usually less than direct from the actual distributor.

Secondly, I found they had another brand not mentioned on your page- Bioglan SAM-e at $16.85 for 90 tabs, although the strength was not specified.

SAM-e is so helpful for depression, I think it would be a shame for people not to know about options and more affordable prices, that inhibiting them from trying it.

depressioNet would like to thank Heidi for doing some research into purchasing SAMe and the different costs associated with the various companies and purchasing schemes.

Below is some of the research that Heidi was able to find. If you would like further information about how to purchase SAMe or where to purchase SAMe, please contact the dNet Team.

Healthstream (http://www.healthstream.com.au) can provide SAMe via an automatic "Genie" ordering system. I rang the company and they said that this was a very flexible way of ordering SAMe and can be cancelled at any time.

By using the "Genie" system you get free delivery, normally $2.86, and a further 20% off the price of the product. This brings the price from $97.80 for 2 bottles of 60 tablets with a dose of 800mg a day, to $76.04. The bottles have 60 tablets in them, each tablet with 200mg active ingredient.

I have read that you should supplement the SAMe with Vitamins B6, B12 and Folate, so I also ordered a Multi-Vitamin to cover that.

Healthstream also offer a "points" system, eventually reducing the cost of the products. It works by assigning points to each dollar of each product that you buy. Once you have reached a certain amount of points you receive a product free.

When I ordered the SAMe through the "Genie" system, it took 2 days to reach me.

Call: 1300 361 362 for more information or to set up your own "Genie" ordering system.

The company also has Naturopaths that are available to make appointments with to ask any questions to. I availed myself of this service and was impressed with the help I received - both with their products and with other non-product related questions that I had.

I have started to take the SAM-e (my second day today) I am only taking two tabs to start with to break my body into this slowly as I have reacted to so many antidepressants and am very apprehensive about even giving this a go. I am seeing my psychiatrist this afternoon and will have him monitor my progress, I have discussed taking this with him and he is positive about my trying SAM-e


by people who have been using SAMe.

After suffering the loss of a baby approx three years ago and quiet a few other traumas with my kids since then I started suffering from fatigue, sleeping too much, eating poorly which led me to get sick. Then the anxiety attacks started approx 2 months ago and I fell into depression, I started taking St Johns Wart for two weeks now but as it takes quiet a few weeks to start working I was getting worse, I went to a good natruopath who put me on SAMe 200g tablets 3 times a day and it is now day 5 and boy have they worked for me.

I have more energy, I'm happy, and more optimistic about everything, you could say I found myself again. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is suffering from depression. Don't forget to get a good B Vitamin Complex and make sure it has folic Acid in it.

By the way the doctor tried to put me on Lexapro 10mg (for the anxiety) I took half a tablet for 4 days had my first ever suicidal thoughts in my life, nausea, headache constantly, felt blanked out and then threw them in the bin. I'm probably lucky these events only all happened in the last five weeks (the scariest time in my life). The naturopath told me that she has had people a lot worse than me who the SAMe has ALWAYS worked for. I hope this helps someone else and I hope to keep you updated.


I had been feeling "down" and "bluey" and sometimes horribly depressed for years, 7 actually, it started after my daughter was born.

I tried cyprimil(an anti depressant), but the "out of body" experience was a terrible side effect and I gave it up.

6 weeks ago I went into the chemist to give "sam-e" a try but was shocked at the price!!, the sales assistant suggested the "Bioglan" brand,which contains less Sam-e but it is homeopathic and ALOT cheaper!!

I was doubful of succes, but after only a few weeks of three tablets a day, I started waking up in the morning feeling fantastic and ready to face the day!!

I went back to the chemist to ask the difference between the expensive brands and the "Bioglan" she explained that the expensive ones in effect "give" your body the mood lift chemical, and the "Bioglan" works by telling your brain to make more seritonan - the "feel good hormone" we already produce, but clearly not enough sometimes!! (please forgive any inaccuracies with medical terms etc!!, but I hope you get the "drift")

I urge anyone feeling down, to give the sam-e a try, it really does work, thank goodness!!!

After seeing Adriana on Today Tonight, on Channel Seven, I thought that I would try some of this product as I have been depressed for awhile. (This could be menopause related as I began menopause earlyish (age 38) 9 years ago. I was on HRT for 2 years but there were too may side effects)

I have been taking the tablets for 10 days now and am pleased with the results. I am generally much calmer and happier. I have not noticed any side effects except for a light headache on the 3rd and 4th day but this might not have had anything to do with the tablets.

I have only 2 complaints:

1. It is very expensive. Over $40 for only 20 tablets.

2. The instructions should be much clearer. Take 1-4 tablets per day is not really clear enough.

I have been trying Moodlift a herbal product available at chemists & it does work in the way that if you are really worrying & depressed about something it makes you feel uplifted & a lot calmer & in a sense you tend to forget about what you were stressing about but it is expensive and there are only 20 tablets


I have begun taking the SAM-e product Moodlift.

I am finding it wonderful as I now no longer suffer from the side effects that some of the prescription anti-depressants have caused me.

Your website has been very informative, and helped me to decide to begin taking this product.

Thank you very much.



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