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Massage aims to increase the circulation in muscles, relieve tension and muscle spasms and help the lymphatic and nervous systems. There are studies being conducted to see whether feeling good through massage equals better health. Throughout Australia there are many different forms of massage ie: Swedish, Remedial, Shiatsu, Aromotherapy and Reflexology. Each of these very different forms of massage can help you maintain better health.
Swedish Massage is theraputic; using oils and creams combined with medium to soft strokes.
Remedial Massage is a deep tissue massage; using well tried techniques, it targets specific conditions and complaints.
Shiatsu Massage is a 'finger massage'; using pressure applied to the palms, thumbs, elbows, knees, and feet, this therapy uses the idea that we have energy channels or meridian which affects our health and moods.
Aromotherapy Massage borrows from the afore mentioned massage techniques, but adds the aroma of essential oils, the smell evokes a sense of well-being and the body absorbs minute amounts of the oils through the skin.
Reflexology Massage is based on the theory that there are ten points of electrical energy throughout the body, by massaging these points on the body the practiotioner treats disease in the whole body.
Massage has never been proven to be a cure for medical conditions, but in the interest of your own well-being and relaxation, go out and spoil yourself!!

Further Reading:
Massage and Depression Written by Eddie Lazar, Wholistic Healing Touch.

The factual information on Massage was compiled from:
Ninemsn Goodmedicine (http://lifestyle.ninemsn.com.au/goodmedicine)

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