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B Group Vitamins


Valerian has shown that it isn't a very strong natural vitamin, but it has appeared in tests to work as good natural sedative. It has been used to get insomnia sufferers to sleep and can act as a muscle relaxant. There have been reports of some liver damage in using this natural vitamin, so it is important to consult a health care professional before use.

Research: ConsumerLab.com have conducted a Product Review for Valerian. The general results can be accessed for free at http://www.consumerlab.com/results/valerian.asp however you need to be a paid subscriber to access the full product review.


Kava is a traditional Pacific Island drink that may have a calming effect on people. It is often recommended for very mild anxiety and tension, and can help promote deep sleep.

Its sedative properties do not seem to interfere with the person's mental alertness. Kava has not shown to be an addictive treatment but caution should be taken using the herb for extended periods of time.

It is important that if you are considering taking Kava, you discuss this with your treating health professional beforehand.

If you would like to purchase Kava, it is available at Healthstream's website: http://www.healthstream.com.au/hl/productnew.asp?sku=55&dept%5Fid=121&p%5Fid=104

Further Reading

Keeping Calm With Kava Provided By Blackmores



B Group Vitamins

Vitamin B appears to help relieve stress. There are probably enough B group vitamins in most of the food that we eat, but if you want to look into natural alternatives for better health then consult your doctor or natro-path for advice on taking this vitamin.


I am slowly recovering from depression/anxiety. I have found several herbal Remedies that maybe of assistance. First off; 30+ for Women.

Another I have found very useful is blackmores women's D- stress for aniexty also Valerian it helps to calm the restless edgyness some suffers may have..

There are others but I would recommend a discussion with family physician, before even trying them or at least a pharmacisit


If you get a chance to try Vitamin B, go for it, I swear by it, here is why -

VitaminB1 -for energy and brain action,
deficency may lead to loss of appetite; digestive disorders; chronic depression; and nervous exhaustion

B1 promotes growth; stimulates brain action;indespensable for the health of the entire nervouse system; prevents fatigue and increases stamina; -my favourite - prevents edema and fluid retention, also aids in digestion and metabolism
Average dose is 100mg/ day

B2 - also known as riboflavin;, is necessary for the maintenance of good vision,skin, nails and hair.
Average dose is 25mg/ day

B3 - some of the deficiency symptoms of B3 are irritability,nervousness, forgetfullness, insomnia, chronic headaches. Severe prolonged deficency may cause mental disturbances, depression, mental dullness, disorientation, and mental disease.
Average dose is 50mg/ day

B5 - This is an anti stress factor
Deficency cause chronic fatigue, greying/ loss of hair, mental depression, irritability, dizziness, muscular weakness, stomach distress and constipation.
May lead to skin disorders,insomnia, adrenal ehaustion, and is considered to be one of the causes of allergies and asthma. B5 protects against most physycal and mental stresses, increases vitality, can help against premature aging.
Average dose is 100mg/ day

B6 - this is needed for skin disorders such as acne, has been used as a natural diuretic, deficiencey symptoms are; nervousness, eczma, insomnia,irritability, migraine
Average dose is 200mg/ day

B12 - Mental energy
Deficiency may cause,chronic fatigue, sore mouth, feelings of numbness or stiffness, loss of mental energy, difficulty in concentrating.
Average dose is 25 mcg/ day

Biotin - is a water soluble B-complex vitamin.
Deficiency may cause eczma, dandruff, hair loss, skin disorders, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, confusion, mental depression,, drowsiness, and hallucinations.
average dose is 150 mcg/ day

Well, just looking back over this, and maybe it should have gone into treatments.
There is a lot more to Vitamin B than what I have written about, if you are interested in finding out more about it, please ask me or maybe even look it up on the net.
I am a student nurse and I really wanted to share my findings with everyone, I hope all this may help,


I have been taking Vitamin B (Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula) for many years and always noticed that i felt flushed and hypo after taking it. It is only now that i have started going to a professional naturopath that she has told me that i am actually allergic to Nicotinamide - found in Vitamin B - according to her, this is quite common.

(PS: I have since been diagnosed with Glandular Fever and the recommendations have been to have plenty of vegetable juices, especially carrots, spinach, apple and orange).



The factual information on Vitamins was compiled from:
Blackmores (http://www.blackmores.com.au), Pharmlink (http://www.pharmlink.com.au/fullife/herbs/kava.htm),

Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated.

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