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The following quotes have been contributed by visitors to depressioNet.
We are in the process of reviewing this section and will be updating it regularly!
The links below will take you to the longer quotes,
and we also have a collection of "one-liners"

        A person may fall many times,
        but they aren't a failure until
        they begin to blame someone else.
        -- J. Paul. Getty --
        -- Sent in by Moonlight --

        Remember that if we are created in the image of God, then that makes US the CREATORS...SO CREATE!!.. if God is Love... WE are LOVE... act like it... and GO LOVE! Let everything you do be a creation of your reality in the name of Love.
        -- Yurii Delaney --

        Explaining how to do good will never be as powerful as "showing" by example.
        -- Ellie Braun-Haley --

        Since you are the captain of your soul, and of your own choices, having a good day will rest primarily on your shoulders. -- Ellie Braun-Haley --

        The easiest way to become a morning person is get out of bed shortly before noon. -- Ellie Braun-Haley --

        God loves you in every way. He holds you precious. He takes time to hear you, so don't stop talking. -- Ellie Braun-Haley --

        Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them. -- Leo Tolstoy --

        No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
        -- Eleanor Roosevelt --

        Learn how to be free while you are downtrodden and you can be free anytime, anywhere.

        Never give your personal power to another human being.

        Give up trying to please everyone, because no matter which direction you face, you must turn your back on one half of the world.

        Yesterday I was, tomorrow I will be and today I am.

        -- From a book by Byran Robinson and Jamey McCullers --

Sent In By Savannah
Quote From A Stranger/Angel

    I met this wonderful woman whilst at my son's football on the weekend. We were strangers but shared so much of our personal lives for 1 hour sitting in front of the change rooms.

    It was fate pushing me to go sit there. I had felt miserable after an arguement the previous night with my partner, usually I would have sat in the car and felt down on my own and just played with my son. Insular. But I thought no go sit there they're only strangers no one knows what's going on inside you, be around others break your own stifling 'rules' for once.

    So I did and met Anja she said to me she "was a flower waiting to bloom in spring, but spring never came". But spring DID come to this beautiful woman and she was so happy. This was evident in her eyes, face, smile, soul. We were almost in tears as we parted and exchanged numbers.

    I drove away from the football with the feeling that something quite monumental had happened besides meeting Anja.

    Ever since then the most amazing things have been happening, I was "blocked" in my recovery but now I 'see' I feel like someone is watching over me showing me the way out of the dark forest I have been wandering around lost in.

Sent in by Savannah


Margo Orum in
"Fairytales In Reality: My Victory Over Manic Depression"

    There are no limits except those you choose to believe in.

    Everything in your life is a direct reflection of what you are choosing to believe in now. You can choose to changes at any time.

    It takes commitment and self-discipline to keep inspired, and to honour your particular sense of purpose and direction, but the rewards are more fulfilment, more ability to contribute, and more simple joys than you ever thought possible.

    I'm glad I no longer driven to be the 'miracle girl' who cured herself. Because that would have required propping up, defending, maintaining. It would have eaten up all my energy. I'm happy now just to be me. To be someone with more questions than answers. Trying to figure out what its all about while having the most possible fun along the way."

Sent in by Melissa


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